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Boss Codes[edit]

In Kizuna Encounter, to select the final bosses of the game, highlight Mezu and move to the following character icons in this order:

  1. King Leo - Kim, Rosa, Gozu, Rosa, Kim, Mezu, Gordon, Joker, Eagle, Hayate, Chung, King Lion, and finally Gozu. Then press T (tag button). If done correctly you should hear a laugh. Now, to select King Leo, highlight King Lion's icon and press up.
  2. Jyazu- To select Jyazu, after making the command to release King Leo, highlight the Gozu icon and press up.

Note that King Leo and Jyazu fight solo.

KE BOSS2.png

Bonus Battle[edit]

Beat Jyazu with one of the following teams:

King Lion and Gozu

King Lion and Mezu

Hayate and Eagle

Gordon and Rosa


  • Joker's Crazy Toy (f, d, df + WA) has a 1/256 chance of having a girl pop out and swing a bat upward.
  • Rosa can have her entire top rip off exposing her bra. You partner's health must be VERY low and Rosa must be KOed with less than 10 seconds left on the clock.
  • You can defeat the opponent into a dizzy KO. If you finish the opponent off with a normal K or P (while they are standing), they will stand there dizzy for a few seconds and then fall over. During the time they are dizzy you can perform any sort of action you like, from taunting to finishing them off with an attack.