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Getting Around "The World"[edit]

  •   - Switch Target / Select Menu / Item
  •   - Move / Select Menu / Item
  •   - Maneuver Camera
  •   - Attack, Confirm Selection
  •   - Guard, Cancel Selection
  •   - Open Menu
  •   - Awakening
  •   - Skill Trigger
  •   - Switch Between First and Third Person
  •   - Reset Camera
  •   - Game Options Menu
  •   - Switch map modes

Altimit Mine OS[edit]

The main hub for E-Mails, message board, and The World, you will not spend a lot of time here, but you will find yourself logging out to check a new E-Mail you received for the sole purpose of advancing the story line.

  •   - Select Menu
  •   - Select Menu
  •   - Confirm Selection
  •   - Cancel Selection
  •   - Open Entire Thread
  •   - Sort E-Mail

The World[edit]

The first and most important icon is The World, from here you can access the game itself or it's Official Website and Bulletin Board. Unlike the first set of games, this area does not get updated nearly as often but does contain useful information about the game.

  • Log In: Log into The World
  • Official Site: Obtain information on the games backstory, character types, factions etc.
  • Official Forum: Contains few but some important posts througout this story. If there is new information, a flashing NEW icon will appear beside the Official Forum selection, the same for new posts. Threads containing important info will adorn a red !.
  • Quit: Brings you back to the Altimit OS desktop.

Mail Station[edit]

Moving one to the right allows access to your E-Mail, Greeting Cards, and Member Addresses (the thing you need to add people to your party). Most of the story information will be brought to you by way of the E-Mail, as such you will check this section often.

New E-Mails will again have a flashing NEW icon beside them, with important E-Mails with a red exclamation mark. E-Mails you are capable of replying to will allow you to interact with your party members and possibly increase their affection towards you.

The Member Address menu shows all your current contacts, and the Red and Blue orbs denote their affection level from Red 0 to 5 (0 to 5 mean the number of smaller orbs which circle around the larger one) and Blue 0 to 3, with Blue 3 being the highest.

News Capture[edit]

Has information about what is going on in the real world, with the most interesting tidbits being the Online Jack videos. Some news will be promotions for other video games, everyday accessories or news common to what we have today.

No story progression will be found in this section, so it is not necessary to go through it.

Community Forum[edit]

Acting like a typical forum, this section sometimes has posts by your party members or other people which you can reply to. If the posts are by members of your party, selecting the proper reply will increase their affection towards you.

If you do not wish to read the entire thread, simply press   to open all posts in a typical forum manner. Any Keywords will automatically be added to your Bookmarks when you close the page.

  • The World: Contains forum posts pertaining to the world. The rest of story progression and keyword acquisition will be found in this section of the boards. Check it whenever there is a NEW symbol. Sometimes the game will allow you to reply to posts, as with the Abyss Quest. Posts that are important have a red exclamation mark.
  • Crimson VS: Forum threads about the card game Crimson VS. Unfortunately inactive in the first version of this game, this forum plays a very unimportant role.
  • News: Comments on current happenings in the real world. Not necessary reading, but sometimes has threads which you can reply to.
  • Rumors: Tidbits of information pertaining to rumors about "The World" and it's affects on the real-world inhabitants. This forum plays a very small role.


Opening Act[edit]

Upon entering The World for the first time, your character Haseo will encounter some people in the Root Town of Δ Eternal City Mac Anu, which will serve as the hub for all areas you will access in the game. Joining up with them is easy as they give you their member addresses pretty quickly.

Access the menu screen by pressing   and go to Party and hit  . Again press   on IYOTEN and Asta and add them to your party. Press   to exit the menu.

The game will now tell you to save, so head to the right and speak with the Save Shop NPC.

Head back to the swirling golden "Chaos Gate" and press  .

Select Area Word and you will then create the area Δ Courageous Engaging Daydream.

{Level 1, Field/Sunny, Symbol Fragment, Water and Earth, Item Level 1
Goblin Rookie, 102 HP
Reward: Dry Sash}

Press   to open up the map screen and then IYOTEN and Asta will explain to you the mission, Symbol Fragments and what the icons mean, even if it is fairly straightforward.

To Gate Out of an area, you must return to a Platform. Using the item Return Feather will instantly warp you back to the first room in a Dungeon area or right beside the Platform in a Field area.

Once you cross the first bridge, you will learn about surprise attacks. Each enemy has a different way to be approached, so learn what you are dealing with. If the enemy you are currently targeting has a ? over it's head it means that it is aware of your presence and the   command will become "Begin Battle" instead of "Surprise Attack"

So sneak around behind the Goblin Rookie and press   to begin the battle.

Pressing   continuosly will attack as fast as possible with whichever weapon you are wielding. If the weapons description says "Press and Hold" that means that during your Combo there will be an instance where you will have to hold the button to charge up an attack, if it says "Rapid Attacks" pressing   as rapidly as possible will deal the most damage.

Finish off this group of monsters and grab the chest that was on the pedastal.

Head East to reach the second group of monsters. This one is easier to perform a Surprise Attack on as they are all facing away from you, so smash them good.

Once the battle starts you will be prompt to press   to open the Skill Trigger menu. Use Gale Blade by pressing any button at this point.

The game will then explain Rengeki. Rengeki is incredibly useful as when the enemies are in this state, hitting them with an Art will cause extra damage. Rengeki is typically initiated when you reach a certain Combo Hit value.

Favorite Action boosts your Morale Gauge which allows you to use Awakening attacks which will be explained later.

Finish off this batch of enemies and collect the chest, then make your way north to the last group to do the same thing. Remember, Rengeki is your friend so do not be afraid to use it.

Once you acquire all three symbol fragments, they will combine to form the Judge's Symbol, providing access to the Beast Statue. Head over there and enter the Temple.

Upon entering, a cutscene will occur and Haseo will be PK'd by his party members IYOTEN and Asta. Ovan will then appear to Welcome you to "The World".

Another couple cut Scenes later, Tri-Edge will appear and use Data Drain on Haseo. This will force his computer to format, losing all his E-Mails, and his character data.

Reboot Complete[edit]

Ah the first glimpse of Altimit Mine OS, it is way prettier looking this time around. You will learn that your computer decided to format itself, so first check your E-Mails.

Exiting out you will the Recieve an E-Mail from Ovan, so head back in to check it.

Also at this point, you may wish to check the Community Forum > The World and read RE: Where can I get Olm Shell? This will provide you with your first Bookmarked Area Word: Δ Buzzing Wrath's Puddle.

1st Keyword: Buzzing
2nd Keyword: Wrath's
3rd Keyword: Puddle

After that, access The World's Official Forum and read the thread "Soloing" here you will acquire:

1st Keyword: Sacred, Warm and Croaking, Truthful, Upfront
2nd Keyword: Black, Kourin's, Marble's, and Blazing
3rd Keyword: Pure Bred, Ocean, Blue Cloud, Cassiopeia, Bum and Camellia

as well as Bookmarks Δ Truthful Marble's Bum and Δ Upfront Blazing Camellia.

Once done that, head back into The World by selecting Log In.

Upon logging back in, you will learn that Haseo's character data has also been destroyed, reverting him to Level 1 and without his member addresses or high level equipment.

Following a cut scene, you will have to head to each of the Blue Circles that are located on the map. The first will bring you towards Central and the second towards the Harbor and finally towards the Mercenary district where you will run into Bordeau and her goons.

Afterwards, Gaspard will forcefully introduce himself, as well as Silabus. They will give you their member addresses as well as add themselves to your party and bring you to the Chaos Gate. Upon entering the dome they will give you the Bookmark Δ Peaceful Leading Freedom and you will be dragged on another Low Level Tutorial, except this time instead of accessing Area Word, access Bookmarks and select the Bookmark they gave you, which will have a check mark beside it.

{Level 3, Dungeon/Cave, Beast Temple, Fire and Wind, Item Level 3

Keyword Listing[edit]

First Words: 1st Keyword: Starting
2nd Keyword: Your
3rd Keyword: Shadow

RE: Where can I get Olm Shell

1st Keyword: Buzzing
2nd Keyword: Wrath's
3rd Keyword: Puddle