Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim/Achievements

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Picture Name Description
Calamity Slain Defeat the Wandering Calamity.
Duels are Cool Win the duel with Geis.
"Nonplased" Defeat Zonplas.
Forgetting Sera's Marshal Defeat Ud-Meiyu.
It's Never Just a Statue Defeat Orjugan.
Because It's There Defeat Majuunun.
The Successor Fails Defeat Ernst.
The Ark Lost Destroy the Ark's Central Shaft.
Legendary Red-Haired Swordsman Win a boss fight without taking a single hit.
Legendary Red-Haired Stepchild Win a boss fight with 1 HP remaining.
For the Hoard Acquire all equipment.
Tabula Amassa Acquire every Tabulas.
Wake Me Up Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.
Bag of No Tricks Complete the game in Catastrophe Mode.
Boss Rush'n Attack Complete Boss Rush mode on any difficulty.
The Wind of Zemeth Obtain every other achievement.