Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim/Equipment

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For the Hoard
For the Hoard
Acquire all equipment.


Name Lv. STR Description
Livart Max 90 Single-edged sword of blue emelas. Contains wind spirit's power.
Brillante Max 93 Double-edged sword of red emelas. Contains fire spirit's power.
Ericcil Max 88 Pointed sword of gold emelas. Contains thunder spirit's power.


Name DEF STR Description
Buckler 6 Easy to use wooden shield. Reinforced with a metal disk.
Round Shield 12 Circular shield made of steel. Strong, but slightly heavy.
Rehdan Shield 18 Shield blessed by a spirit. Said to bring luck to bearer.
Kite Shield 25 Diamond-shaped. Made of a special alloy. Lighter than it appears.
Galba Shield 30 5 Made from Demi-Galba's bones. Strong in attack and defense.
Emelas Shield 40 Made from highly pure emelas. Hastens magic gauge recovery.


Name DEF Effect Description
Hard Leather 8 Made from tanned beast hide by a Rehdan artisan.
Ring Mail 16 Made from a series of small rings. Light and ideal for combat.
Banded Mail 24 Obtained Gold +10% Its surface is reinforced with resin. Popular among bandits.
Breast Plate 32 Made with a special alloy. Light yet sturdy.
Galba Armor 42 Made from Demi-Galba's bones. Poisons wearer.
Emelas Armor 50 Max HP +10% Made from highly pure emelas. Occasionally nullifies damage.


Name Stats Description