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Stage 1[edit]

In stage 1, you fly a helicopter to the destination. Your helicopter can only take a limited amount of enemy fire, and must avoid any obstacles on the map.

The altitude meter is shown on the right. When it is high up, you will only collide with large buildings. If it is in the lower section, you can collide with power lines or other ground obstacles.

There is a car that is marked with a blinking dot in the map on the right. You can't destroy it, but once you catch up with it, you reached the end of the map.

Stage 2[edit]

This is the first ground mission. Use the joystick or keyboard to move around. The action button has one of two effects:

  • If tapped, will fire a bullet.
  • If held while pushing left or right, will change the aim. Release the action button to stop aiming.

Your objective is to reach the helicopter that can be found further along the map. The best method to complete this area is to aim while under cover, move into position once there is a gap in enemy fire, and shoot.

If you cannot get a clear shot at an enemy, it is possible to cause him to move. To do so, try to be directly left or right of where he is standing.

Stage 3[edit]

In this helicopter mission, you have two minutes to catch up with the plane. As you approach, you should see a targeting indicator; press the action button to attach and complete the section after a short ride (and parachute deployment).

Stage 4[edit]