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Codes in the game allows the player to race as aliens and miniature cars, among other characters.

Enter these codes at the Code Screen. The Code Screen can be accessed by highlighting Memory Card, and pressing Left or Right.

Code Effect
TRIXXY Unlock all courses in Freestyle mode.
BLUECAR Unlock ??
SMOKEY Unlock all cars.
GENEPOOL Unlock all characters.
RATPACK Unlock all humans.
SCREAM Unlock all monsters.
ASTROMEN Unlock all aliens.
VOUYEUR Unlock all courses in Exhibition mode.
BINK Unlock Bink.
BLACKLINE Unlock Black Car.
DOMINQUE Unlock Dominque.
GEEP Unlock Geep.
LUGNUT Unlock Lug Nut.
NYUB Unlock Nyub.
REDCAR Unlock Red Car.
TP Unlock TP.
WHITECAR Unlock White Car.


Ultraspank Video

Go to the Options menu from the main menu. Press Right lstick, then Cross button.

Haunted Mansion

Complete the Pro Circuit with any character to unlock the Haunted Mansion track in Freestyle mode.