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688 Attack Sub
Box artwork for 688 Attack Sub.
Developer(s)Electronic Arts
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts, Sega
Designer(s)John W. Ratcliff, Paul Grace
Release date(s)
MS-DOS icon.png MS-DOS
Commodore Amiga icon.png Commodore Amiga
Sega Genesis icon.png Sega Genesis
System(s)MS-DOS, Amiga, Sega Genesis, NEC PC-9801, Sega Channel
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Followed bySSN-21 Seawolf
Twitch688 Attack Sub Channel

688 Attack Sub is a submarine simulation game designed by John W. Ratcliff and Paul Grace, published in 1988 for MS-DOS systems and 1990 for Amiga computers by Electronic Arts. A Sega Mega Drive version was also published.

688 Attack Sub is known as an early classic of the genre. John W. Ratcliff followed it up by SSN-21 Seawolf later.

The player takes command of a US Los Angeles-class or Soviet Alfa class nuclear powered attack submarine and plays 10 missions organized into a Cold War scenario. This was one of the earliest games that allowed two players to play against each other over a modem (or null modem cable).

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