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Flik can plant seeds that change color to produce different plants. Each seed color can produce up to four different plants. In order to make these plants Flik must find tokens that correspond to the seed color.

Brown Plants[edit]

These plants are used to help Flik reach higher or further.

  • Starting: A mushroom which acts as a trampoline to make Flik jump higher. Flik has this at the beginning of every level.
  • First token: A propeller plant which allows Flik to jump higher than the mushroom plant. It also lifts seeds if Flik needs to use them on a higher ledge.
  • Second token: A dandelion plant which Flik uses to glide. Propeller plants will allow him to stay in the air longer.
  • Third token: A cannon plant which shoots Flik up far higher than any of the other plants.

Green Plants[edit]

These plants produces leaves that Flik can climb on.

  • First token: A small leaf that Flik can jump on.
  • Second token: A tall leaf that Flik can jump on with the help of a mushroom plant or anything else that lets him jump higher.
  • Third token: A three leaf plant. Flik can climb up all the leaves to reach high ledges.
  • Fourth token: A four leaf plant. It has the same function of the three leaf plant except Flik can reach even higher.

Blue Plants[edit]

These plants shoot out objects that help Flik in different ways. They also shoot out spiked seeds which can hurt Flik.

  • First token: Produces temporary invincibility.
  • Second token: Produces health-restoring leaves.
  • Third token: Produces a temporary shield.
  • Fourth token: Produces "super jump" which allows Flik to jump higher.

Purple Plants[edit]

These plants produce berries.

  • First token: Produces blue berries.
  • Second token: Produces green berries.
  • Third token: Produces purple berries.
  • Fourth token: Produces gold berries.

Yellow Plants[edit]

These plants are used to harm enemies using the effects of berries.

  • First token: A plant which shoots blue berries in random directions.
  • Second token: A plant which shoots purple berries up.
  • Third token: A mine plant with the same power as a gold berry.