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Animal Paradise
Box artwork for Animal Paradise.
Developer(s)Agatsuma Entertainment
Publisher(s)Empire Interactive
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Virtual Pet
System(s)Nintendo DS
PEGI: PEGI 3.png Ages 3+
TwitchAnimal Paradise Channel
YouTube GamingAnimal Paradise Channel

Animal Paradise is a game for the Nintendo DS, and in it you are going to stay with your cousin and uncle who live on 'Hana Deka Farm'. They want to take photos of all the local animals, but they need your help. They have heard that you are good with animals, and they need you to make friends with all the animals so they can take photos of them.

All together, there are 18 animals you can look after, including different breeds. There are seven locations altogether where you can find the animals.

When you have chosen an animal, you can give it a name. Unlike other virtual pet games, you cannot have males and females, so the animals are referred to as 'it'. You must take care of the animals by feeding them, playing, bathing, brushing, taking them for walks and bonding with them. Your goal is to gain enough hearts so the animals will let your cousin and uncle take photos of them, which you can then view in an album.

As you make friends with the animals, they will call their friends and more animals will become available. You can also unlock minigames, such as Music and Hide and Seek. Once you have gained full relationship with an animal it is moved from its current location to the farm (unless it was there originally) and you will be able to see all 18 photos from the album. The photos taken are of real animals instead of the animated ones in the game.

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