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Area 51
Box artwork for Area 51.
Developer(s)Mesa Logic
Publisher(s)Atari Games, Soft Bank
Designer(s)Robert Weatherby
Release date(s)
Arcade icon.png
Windows icon.png
Sega Saturn icon.png
Sega Saturn
PlayStation icon.png
Genre(s)Light gun
System(s)Arcade, Windows, Sega Saturn, PlayStation
Mode(s)Single player, Co-op
ESRB: ESRB M.png Mature
BBFC: BBFC 12.png 12
CERO: CERO D.jpg Ages 17 and up
ACB: OFLC MA15.svg Mature Accompanied & Restricted
Followed bySite 4
SeriesArea 51
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Area 51 marquee
This is the first game in the Area 51 series. For other games in the series see the Area 51 category.

Area 51 is a light gun arcade game released by Atari Games in 1995. It takes its name from the Area 51 military facility. The game was ported to PC and consoles in 1996 in North America and to Japan and Europe in 1997. A sequel, Area 51: Site 4 was released for arcades in 1998.

The plot of the game involves the player (Peterson) taking part in a STAAR (Strategic Tactical Advanced Alien Response) military incursion to prevent aliens, known as the Kronn, and alien-created zombies from taking over the Area 51 military facility.


Image:Area 51 ps cover.jpg|PC and console cover art.


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