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Asmik-kun Land
Box artwork for Asmik-kun Land.
Japanese title アスミッくん ランド
Developer(s) Graphic Research
Publisher(s) Asmik
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Action
System(s) Famicom
Mode(s) Single player
Followed by Boomer's Adventure in ASMIK World
Series Asmik-kun Land
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Asmik-kun Land (アスミッくん ランド Asumikkun Rando?) is a Famicom game developed by Graphic Research and published by Asmik in 1991.

A pink dinosaur named Asmik-kun (named "Boomer" in the English release of Boomer's Adventure in ASMIK World) seeks to recover six fragments so he can wake the dragon ruler of the world and make Asmik Land a paradise.

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