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Attack Animal Gakuen
Box artwork for Attack Animal Gakuen.
Japanese titleアタックアニマル学園
Developer(s)Scitron & Art
Publisher(s)Pony Canyon
Release date(s)
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TwitchAttack Animal Gakuen Channel
YouTube GamingAttack Animal Gakuen Channel

Attack Animal Gakuen (アタックアニマル学園? lit. Attack Animal Academy) is a shooter developed for the Famicom and published by Pony Canyon late in 1987. The game was clearly inspired by the Sega arcade game Space Harrier; to claim that the two games are similar is a tremendous understatement. Since Sega and Nintendo were rivals, perhaps it was felt that there was little chance for Sega's original "over-the-shoulder" shooter concept would be released on the Famicom. So Scitron & Art must have felt free to take the concept and make it their own.

Rather than being about a boy on an alien world who can fly throughout the sky blasting aliens that advance towards him, Attack Animal Gakuen is about a school girl who can fly throughout the sky blasting angry attack animals that advance towards her. Her mission is to rescue her friend who has been kidnapped and taken hostage by the animals. She must get through six stages and defeat the boss at the end of each of them to complete the challenge.

The game features a 3-D mode which makes use of Nintendo's 3-D Goggles accessory, which very quickly opens and closes shutters over each eye to simulate the perception to two different stereoscopic images. The game was never released outside of Japan. However, no knowledge of Japanese is required to play the game, and can be enjoyed by speakers of any language.

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