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The Castle[edit]

Ax Battler overworld example.png

After the text-only introductory scene, you, Ax Battler, are summoned by the King. He explains about Death Adder once more threatening Yuria and how you must retrieve the legendary Golden Axe. To start your quest, head south out of the castle and then east and into the cave. You can talk to the NPCs in the castle first if you wish. Here you'll also find a girl who can save your progress as a password. Whenever you get a password make sure you've written it down correctly. If even a single letter is wrong you won't be able to continue.


Ax Battler dungeon example.png

The cave is fairly straightforward, and a good introduction to the gameplay. If you go slowly you can spot enemies before they hit you. No enemies in here actually actively try to attack you. The bats can be killed or jumped over, snakes require you to duck to hit them (or just jump over them), and the fire plants take two hits. When you have a choice, always take upper paths. When you reach the far right end of the cave you'll see a treasure chest. Touch this for a Bomb. If you took the wrong path, go back to the left and get onto the higher platforms to reach it.

The Bomb[edit]

Once you have the Bomb, head west then south to the bridge. Fight the mandatory enemy here. Head northwest. Use the Item command to throw the Bomb at the mountain, completely obliterating it. Head on into the town and heal up, then go into the building marked "TR". This is a training dojo. You'll be up against a Neo-Barbarian, who is tougher than a Barbarian and can also jump. Once you've defeated him you'll get the High Jump skill, which, obviously, lets you jump higher. This is required for some upcoming areas, so get used to using it. Now head south.

You'll see a town by the coast. Defeat the Neo-Amazon at the dojo here to earn the Upper Swing, a powerful move that can kill enemies twice as quickly. You can now kill enemies to get vials quite easily. Anyway, go west and into the tower.


This is quite difficult. The statues in here chase after you once you pass them, so turn around and kill them using your new Upper Swing move.

Once you reach the second level you'll see a wall with some ghosts beyond it. You can either High Jump over it and slay them all, or else press into the wall and use the Upper Swing repeatedly. Eventually they will dive at you and be slain. Once you think they're all gone, High Jump over the barrier and head left. Eventually you'll reach another area.

This area has bomb-throwing enemies and strange hedgehog creatures which you can hit or avoid. As before, go slowly and watch their patterns to defeat them. Eventually you will make it to the top and claim the Crystal.

Turtle Village[edit]

Head down to the strange patch of land below the town. use the Crystal on it. You'll now be on the classic Turtle Village level. Other than some annoying enemies this level is straightforward. There is no item to collect, all you have to do is make it out alive.

Once you leave you'll reach yet another town. Go to the training dojo and use your Upper Swing to defeat the Skeleton for the Jump Swing. This does as much damage as the Upper Swing but is done while jumping.


There's a trick to this level. Head to the right. When you reach the beginning of the pyramid slope don't go inside but instead High Jump up onto the slope. You'll end up inside a room that has the Key you need. If you go through the inside of the pyramid not only will you fight a lot of annoyances you'll also come out without the item.

Head on into the next town and save your game. Go to the dojo and beat the Bad Bro for the Super Swing, which deals even more damage than the Upper Swing.


This has lots of annoying enemies. The water currents are especially troublesome as they can wash you into an enemy. Eventually you'll make it out. Go north and into the town.


Go to the middle of the town. Talk to the soldier there to get a Compass. Head to the dojo and beat the Knight for the Tackle ability. Head south and into the forest.


This level has lots of bats, so head through carefully. The werewolves are invincible, so dodge or run away when they attack. You can also use the tackle attack to get temporarily bounce them off the play area but they will come back.

Once you're out of the forest head west until you see a solitary tree. Search it for a Fruit. Head back north, over the bridge, and through the mountain path.

Mountain path[edit]

The rocks coming towards you can be smashed but it's just as easy to High Jump your way through. When you reach a stone wall Tackle it, then head to the waterfall. Three logs will come out. Use them to reach the other side. Eventually you'll reach the back of a giant eagle, another classic level. Unlike in the original the wind will blow you back when you jump. This part is entirely linear and very straightforward, with nothing but Skeletons between here and the end.

The game is now almost over. Head towards the last town and go to the dojo. Defeat the Death Adder there to earn the useful Jump Attack. This allows you to jump and then thrust your sword downwards, which you'll have seen Skeletons do earlier. Head north of the town and across the bridge. Look in the swamp to get the Magic Stone. Now head back to the Inn and save (12 vials) to get your password before heading south. Despite being south, it's colder here.

Ice Cliffs[edit]

Head down the snow platforms until you get to a bottomless chasm with three platforms. Jump across this as quickly as possible as an avalanche will sooon obliterate them. You'll reach a waterfall. Look carefully for the platforms behind it and use them. When you reach the highest platform run and High Jump to safety before a second avalanche obliterates you.

Death Adder's castle[edit]

The only way onwards is to the castle. This stage is very straightforward. It might not look like it, but the spike platforms actually have a couple of pixels at the very edge that you can safely stand on. When you finally reach the end you've won.