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This Drow Ranger is a benevolent but harsh member of the Drow clan who boasts his famous dual scimitars in his arsenal. As a bonus character in the game, Drizzt must be unlocked through extreme difficulty. That means you have to play through the game once and complete the gauntlet level to unlock the extreme difficulty mode. You then have to complete the game in that mode as well. After that, as you start a new game you can change to Drizzt and play as him. When you play this bonus character, he'll start at level 16 with 122,000 experience points.

Tips and strategies[edit]

Along with the Dwarven Fighter, his main strength is in using the only two weapons and he begins with a head start experience wise. His starting level makes the beginning dungeons very easy. However, his magic is terrible and has a slow regeneration rate. Even worse, his long range attack is terrible and is the only person that cannot use the bow. As such, you are forced to get within melee range of every opponent. The weapons he begins with are exclusive to him, and cannot be sold or dropped but can be a worthwhile weapon to use if you like to chop up enemies. You won't be able to use any other weapon ever so these are the only weapons he'll use for the whole game namely the scimitars.

For the stats recommended that you start with this character in normal difficulty, his strength should be the first important stat to upgrade. Constitution and Charisma can come later to help with health regeneration and shop item prices. Endurance, intestinal fortitude and toughness should also be upgraded as important with the other characters if they want to last in the game and be able to carry a ton of items on the way.

Of course he only has two magic spells provided that you also upgrade meditation and willpower. To make him as effective as a powerful fighter, combat reflexes should help increases the speed of the attacks to make easier work on the enemies.


  • Starts at a high level when inherited.
  • Able to hold two weapons, high damage.
  • Two scimitars is the only exclusive weapon to use.
  • Lack of Feats, both Active and Passive.
  • Bad Magic total and regeneration rate.
  • Sub-par at long range attacks, cannot use bow.
  • Weak strength.
  • Can't use any other weapons at all.


  • Strength: 13
  • Intelligence: 17
  • Wisdom: 17
  • Dexterity: 20
  • Constitution: 15
  • Charisma: 14

Points already available at the start[edit]

  • Death blow: 5
  • Deflect missiles: 3
  • Improved block: 1
  • Improved critical: 5
  • Intestinal fortitude: 2
  • Willpower: 1
  • Repulsion: 2
  • Otiluke's Icy Sphere: 3

Passive Feats[edit]

  • Combat Reflexes: Your attack speed is increased, allowing you to kill off your enemies more quickly.
  • Death Blow: If you get a critical hit, the Death Blow feat will increase its damage. Take out your foes more effectively with this.
  • Deflect Missiles: This gives you a small chance of deflecting a missile attack without manually controlling anything.
  • Dodge: This feat adds a bonus to your Armor Class, making it tougher for you to get hit by enemies.
  • Endurance: A character's carrying capacity is improved if you choose this feat. You can loot more effectively with more pounds available to carry.
  • Improved Block: This allows you to continually block forever without a shield necessary. You still cannot block with a bow or without a weapon.
  • Improved Critical: Your chances of scoring Critical Hits in battle will be improved, causing you to frequently do double damage.
  • Intestinal Fortitude: Your health regeneration Rate is improved with this, so you don't have to spend your money on health potions.
  • Meditation: This improves your magic regeneration rate, and is essential if magic is your primary offense.
  • Toughness: You will gain three Health Points permanently if you choose this feat. You will be harder to kill if you have many HP.
  • Willpower: This will grant you five more magic points. This is permanent, and useful for magic users.

Active Feats[edit]

  • Repulsion: A ring of force exerts from your character, driving enemies away and damaging them at the same time.
  • Otiluke's Icy Sphere: A ball of icy cold is summoned to freeze and slow targets down, and does moderate damage.