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Part of the difficulty of the game consists of the fact that the virtual camera of each room is oriented differently. For example, when you walk to the right edge of the screen, you won't always emerge from the left edge of the next screen: the "camera" might face towards the opposite direction.

The only thing that gives you a constant point of reference that can help you map the game is the compass rose at the bottom of the screen. Its tip always points at the "absolute north". The other good thing is that each screen is standard, and is not rotated randomly: when you are in a room which "faces" westwards, and the compass sword points to the left, you can be assured that this will be the orientation of the room each time you visit it.

The diagrams are maps of each area, with up indicating "absolute north". Each box represents a screen or room, each with items you can collect (skull, shield), descriptive details, like hazards (eg. lava, pit) or background details (head, volcano), to help you look at the right box.

Each box also includes a compass direction (NSWE) which indicates the "virtual north" that is, where the compass sword points to in each screen (up, down, left, right); you can ignore this detail, although you can refer to it to confirm that you are in the right screen and looking at the right box.

For example the box labeled as "E lava" refers to a screen with a lava river, and the compass sword points to the right ("east") because the screen "faces" eastwards. If you are in a screen with no lava and/or the compass sword points anywhere else than to the right, then you are looking at the wrong box, and you can find the right one easily.


Barbarian II wasteland map.png


  • Skull: Each grants one more life. Note that the interface will always show up to 3 lives, although you may have more.
  • Shield: Protects you from the monster in a later level.
  • Orb: Protects you from Drax near the end of the game.


Saurian beasts, Neanderthal men, Apes, Mutant Chickens, Stabbers, Floaters.


Barbarian II caverns map.png


  • Skull: See above
  • Potion: Increases your resistance.


Carnivores, Orc Guards, Crabs, Slithering Things, Cave Trolls, Stingers.


Barbarian II dungeons map.png


  • Skull: See above
  • Axe: Increases strength
  • Key: Allows you entering closed doors (route signified with dotted lines).


Pit Things, Dungeon Masters, Giant Grubs, Gobblers, Eyes, Orclets.

Inner sanctum[edit]


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