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  • Neutral dpad: Use the D-pad to direct your tank in any one of four directions. Diagonals are not possible.
  • A button or B button: Press either button to fire in the direction your tank is currently facing.
  • Start button: Pauses the game.
  • Select button: Not used.



Battle City Tank Player1.png
Battle City Tank Player2.png

These are the tanks that the first and second players control. Player 1 controls the yellow tank, and player 2 controls the green tank simultaneously. Both tanks can only have one of their own shots on the screen at one time, and may not fire again until the shot hits an enemy or collides with a wall. Unless a force field is surrounding the tanks, preventing them from taking damage, they can be destroyed by one enemy bullet. If one player shoots another, it will prevent the other player from moving, although it will still be possible to turn and fire.


Enemy Name Points Health Speed Additional Info
Movement Bullet
Battle City Tank Enemy1.png Basic Tank 100 1 1 (Slow) 1 (Slow) Generally poses little threat. Moves slower than players, fires at the same speed default power level (zero stars).
Battle City Tank Enemy2.png Fast Tank 200 1 3 (Fast) 2 (Normal) Generally more dangerous to the headquarters than a player; should be dispatched quickly.
Battle City Tank Enemy3.png Power Tank 300 1 2 (Normal) 3 (Fast) Don't go to their line of fire.
Cuts through Brick Walls quicker than other tanks (notable in Stage 34).
Battle City Tank Enemy4.png Armor Tank 400 4 2 (Normal) 2 (Normal) Start as green; gradually turns gray upon harm.
Don't destroy them head-on until the 2nd Star powerup is collected.


A power-up will spawn in one of 16 random locations on the screen whenever one of the three flashing tanks (which appear in each stage as the 4th, 11th, and 18th tank to spawn) is hit. They will disappear when another flashing tank spawns. Touching a power-up will collect it (it will then disappear) and you will earn 500 points as the power-up's effect is activated.

Battle City Powerup Grenade.png Grenade
  • Destroys every enemy currently on the screen.
  • No credit given for destroying the tanks wiped out by this powerup during the end-stage bonus points tally.
Battle City Powerup Helmet.png Helmet
  • Gives a temporary force field that shields from enemy shots, like the one at the beginning of every stage.
Battle City Powerup Shovel.png Shovel
  • Turns the brick walls around the fortress to stone, which gives temporary invulnerability to the walls, preventing enemies from destroying it.
  • Repairs all the damage previously done to the wall.
Battle City Powerup Star.png Star
  • Increases your offensive power by one tier (tiers are: default, second, third, and fourth). Power level only resets to default when you die.
  • First star (second tier): fired bullets are as fast as Power Tanks' bullets.
  • Second star (third tier): two bullets can be fired on the screen at a time.
  • Third star (fourth tier): fired bullets can destroy steel walls and are twice as effective against brick walls.
Battle City Powerup Tank.png Tank
  • Gives an extra life.
  • The only other way to earn an extra life is to score 20,000 points.
Battle City Powerup Timer.png Timer
  • The timer power-up temporarily freezes time, stopping all enemy tanks' movement.
  • Tip: enables the ability to harmlessly approach every tank and destroy them.


There are a few different types of obstacles scattered around each stage. The key to surviving is knowing how to use them to your advantage.

Battle City bricks.png Brick Wall
  • Tanks and bullets cannot pass through this.
  • Can be destroyed by being shot four times (two times when offensive power is tier four/max) on the same side.
Battle City wall.png Steel Wall
  • Stops tanks and bullets completely.
  • Can only be destroyed if hit twice on the same side by maximum power level bullets (tier four).
Battle City trees.png Trees
  • Obfuscates tanks and bullets under it when moving through.
  • Caution: tricky to tell where the enemies are; even trickier to tell where their bullets are.
Battle City water.png Water
  • Tanks cannot traverse through at all.
  • Bullets can fly across.
Battle City ice.png Ice
  • Tanks can move on it. When you try to stop moving, your tank will slide forward a bit before stopping.
  • Caution: obfuscates flying bullets.