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  • Up lstickUp lstick: Roll Forward
  • When rolling forwards into an object, the Prince will roll over the object
  • Down lstickDown lstick: Roll Backwards
  • Left lstickLeft lstick: Roll Left
  • Right lstickRight lstick: Roll Right
  • Up lstickNeutral lstick: Shift Right
  • Neutral lstickUp lstick: Shift Left
  • Up lstickDown lstick: Quick Shift
  • When rocking one up and the other down the Prince will dash
  • L buttonR button: Quick Turn
  • RB button: Royal Look
  • LB button: Prince Look
  • Back button: Vibration on/off
  • Start button: Pause

During Prince Look[edit]

  • B button: Back
  • Neutral lstick: Look
  • LT button: Normal Eye
  • RT button: Miracle Eye

During Royal Look[edit]

  • B button: Back
  • Neutral lstick: Move
  • LT button: Zoom Out
  • RT button: Zoom In

While Paused[edit]

  • Neutral lstick: Select an item collected in Katamari
  • Start button: Back to game
  • X button: To The Princedom
  • Y button: Retry

In Princedom[edit]

  • Neutral lstick: Move
  • X button: Hold to move faster
  • A button: Enter Level
  • LB buttonRB button: Look With Camera

While looking through camera[edit]

  • Neutral dpad: Select Camera View
  • Y button: Enlarge
  • LT button: Zoom Out
  • RT button: Zoom In
  • Neutral lstick: Look
  • A button: Take Photo
  • B button: Back