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Optional aliens: Humungousaur, Echo echo, Terraspin, Swampfire

In beginning run foward and after that Gwen will how you can interact with object by standing near them and pressing (circle) after the gate will open but a wave of enemies so you will take care of them. After dealing with the gate will open and you can continue, you will reach to a certain point where there will be two platform last one is the highest and you need a alien for it so use Swampfire or Terraspin to pass through then you will see some breakables, break them head on.

After that in the next room a few wave of enemies will come for you to deal with. After taking care of use Terraspin or Swampfire get through the high platform the head one and watch out for the floor lava

After crossing the lava you will see a cracked wall change to Humungousaur and break through and head on to the next to the next room where you Ben 10 old enemy Vulkanus.Then he send more enemies to attack then you will have the oppunity to