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Bird Week
Box artwork for Bird Week.
Japanese titleバード・ウィーク
Publisher(s)Toshiba EMI
Release date(s)
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Bird Week is a game developed and published by Toshiba EMI for the Famicom. The very simple premise of the game is that you are a mother bird who must catch insects to feed to your hungry and growing baby birds back in the nest. You must fly through the air to intercept the bugs and catch them in your mouth, and then bring them back to the nest to feed a hungry chick. But don't wait too long or the chick will pass out from hunger. All the while, you must avoid the wild animals that are looking for their next meal in the form of you. There are objects such as mushrooms that you can pick up and use to put the predators out of commission. There are a total of 36 different rounds, which repeat upon completion, a two different bonus stages that occur after every third round.

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