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Box artwork for Bubble Spinner.
Bubble Spinner
System(s)Web browser, Adobe Flash
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player
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Bubble Spinner is a puzzle/shooter game. Drawing heavily from the bubble shooter-style of flash games, it opens new strategic innovations deviating from the original formula, with a hexagonal centerpiece anchoring the bubble structure that rotates freely on its axis. Collisions between player-fired bubbles and the main bubble structure cause the hexagon and the entire structure to rotate. Shots that do not hit the central structure will rebound off of the walls surrounding the game field until either they connect with the structure or expire. After a certain number of shots, several randomised shots are fired from various angles at the main structure-- note that they cannot destroy bubbles-- to increase the size of the structure. The game is over when a bubble attached to the hexagonal structure touches the edge. The game is otherwise identical to its bubble-shooter kin; a chain of three or more bubbles formed by a player firing at the structure will cause all of those bubbles to fall, and any bubble or bubbles not attached to the hexagon will be "chopped" and fall as well. When all of the bubbles on the hexagonal structure have been cleared, the game will create a new structure, and the number of points scored per ball will increase. The colors of bubble are light blue, dark blue, pink, yellow, green, and orange.

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