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PC PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 / Xbox One Action
Mouse left click R1 button/R2 button RT button Fire
Mouse right click L1 button/L2 button LT button Aim
 W  A  S  D  Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Movement
Mouse Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Look
 Space  Cross button A button Stand/Jump
 C  Circle button B button Crouch
 Ctrl  Circle hold B hold Prone
 R  Square button X button Reload
 F  Square hold X hold Use
 1  2  Triangle button Y button Switch Weapons
Mouse middle click,  G  R2 button/R1 button RB button Throw Frag/Throw Back Grenade
 Q  L2 button/L1 button LB button Throw Special Grenade
 Esc  Start button/Options button Start button/Menu button Show Objectives
 Tab  Select button/Touchpad button Back button/View button Show Score
 N  3  4  5  Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Inventory
 Shift  L3 button L button Sprint
 E  R3 button R button Melee