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The logo for Drakkhen.
Developer(s)Infogrames, Kemco
Publisher(s)Infogrames, Kemco
Year introduced1984

The first Drakkhen was developed in Flag of France.svg France by Infogrames.

The sequel Drakkhen II: Dragon View was developed in Flag of Japan.svg Japan by Kemco.

Subsequently, the two games are very different from each other. In fact, many reviews alternatively praise one and pan the other one.


Drakkhen draws clear inspiration from an earlier French title by Infogrames.

Released in 1984 in Europe only, Mandragore (French for Mandrake) is a precursor of Drakkhen. It features a similar game structure, with an overworld surface connecting several castles; the latter are navigated room-by-room and rendered in an axonometric perspective. The player controls a party of four adventurers belonging to four different classes. The Commodore 64 port was localized in English.

Oméga, planète invisible[1] (French for Omega: Invisible Planet ) is a 1986 science-fiction game that uses the same engine and gameplay of Mandragore. This game was released in France and Germany (as Omega, der geheime Planet[2]), but no English translation exists.

Phalsberg (1986) was developed and published by Ère Informatique, instead of Infogrames. It is considered a spiritual sequel to Mandragore. An English version exists.

  1. French titles are written in sentence case.
  2. German titles are written in sentence case, but in German all nouns are always capitalized.

Game list[edit]

Title Year Systems Publisher Setting
1984 Flag of the European Union.svg Apple II, Amstrad CPC, Thomson TO7, MSX
Globe.svg Commodore 64
Flag of France.svg Infogrames Fantasy
Oméga, planète invisible
Omega: Invisible Planet
1986 Flag of the European Union.svg Amstrad CPC, Thomson TO7 Flag of France.svg Infogrames Science-fiction
Phalsberg 1986 Flag of the European Union.svg Commodore 64 Flag of France.svg Ère Informatique Fantasy
Drakkhen 1989 Globe.svg Atari ST, Amiga, MS-DOS, X68000
Flag of Japan.svg NEC PC-9801
Globe.svg SNES
Flag of France.svg Infogrames
Flag of Japan.svg Kemco (SNES)
Drakkhen II: Dragon View 1994 Globe.svg SNES Flag of Japan.svg Kemco Fantasy

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