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dtp entertainment
dtp entertainment's company logo.
Founder(s)Thomas Baur
WebsiteOfficial site

dtp entertainment AG (formerly known as DTP Neue Medien) is a German video and computer game publisher, founded in 1995 by Thomas Baur. The headquarters are located in Hamburg and dtp today has more than 180 employees. It is one of Germany's leading game publishers. dtp is known for having published a high number of games which were developed in Germany, especially adventure games. The company is also acting as a video game distributor.

In 2004, a new subsidiary, dtp young entertainment, was opened, which specializes in development and publishing of educational software and games for children. In 2007, dtp entertainment bought 4HEAD Studios and changed it into Cranberry Productions, which is located in Hannover, and opened a new studio, RealU, located in Singapore. In 2008, dtp bought House of Tales, a Bremen-based developer.

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