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Year introduced

Meteos was one of the first releases to come out of newly created developer Q Entertainment. It involves falling blocks that have to cleared off the screen and sent into space. It requires good reflexes and is all about speed.

After the original was published by Bandai in Japan on the Nintendo DS to some great reviews and sales, it soon came over to North America, Europe and Australia where Nintendo published the game. It was very well received upon its release and there was talk of it becoming a franchise.

Lumines, the other puzzler from Q Entertainment which had a great deal of success on the PSP had already been announced a sequel. Due to the same success, Gameloft in a double deal requested to publish mobile phone versions of Meteos and Lumines. Half a year later the next Meteos game for Nintendo DS was also revealed. This time it was part of a deal with Disney and Buena Vista. Meteos: Disney Magic was released in February 2007, just under two years after the sequel. It kept the same Meteos gameplay but added Disney characters amongst other new adjustments.

Currently in development is Meteos Online for the PC.

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