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Realtime Worlds
Realtime Worlds's company logo.
EstablishedEarly 2002
Founder(s)Dave Jones
LocatedDundee, Scotland

Realtime Worlds Ltd was a video game developer based in Dundee, Scotland. It was founded in early 2002 by Dave Jones, formerly of DMA Design, who developed the popular franchises Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings. Much of the initial workforce was previously employed at Rage Software, which had ceased operations. Realtime Worlds was the largest independent game developer in Scotland with 185 employees as well as 40 in its Boulder, Colorado and Seoul, South Korea offices.

Their first release was the 2007 critically acclaimed action-driving game, Crackdown, an Xbox 360 exclusive title. Shortly after the release of APB in July 2010, the company went into administration and ceased operationg on September 16 2010.

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