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Operation Numbuh Level Boss Places Visited KND Technology Villain Technology Sooper secret unlockable
T.U.T.O.R.I.A.L. 1 Toilenator Sector V Treehouse MUSKET None Vampire Numbuh 1 [get all toilet paper rolls into tire]
D.O.N.U.T.T.Y. 1 Gramma Stuffum Sprinkle Puff Donut Shoppe MUSKET
Giant Oven
Lunch Ladie Androids
Chunk Wagon]]
B.O.O.G.I.F.I.C.A.T.I.O.N. 5 Flu Bug Machines Sector V Treehouse SMELLMET (3 SP)
Flu Bugs Vampire Numbuh 5 (kick all the pool balls into the fireplace), Sooper Deformed Numbuh 5 [press O when near DJ booth]
S.N.O.T.B.O.M.B.E.R. 2 Common Cold The Sky COOL-BUS
Firepower (4 SP)
Mini-Snot Bombers
S.P.A.N.K.-H.A.P.P.Y. 4 Nigel Spankulot Sector V Treehouse SPLANKER (5 SP) Vampire W.A.T.C.H.B.O.T.s Sooper deformed Numbuh 4 [use the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R on the punching bag in Numbuh 4's room]
H.A.M.S.T.E.R.A.M.A. 3 N/A Sector V Treehouse FRAPPE (4 SP) N/A Sooper deformed Numbuh 3 [fly into the air and press the picture frame]
S.P.A.N.K.A.R.I.F.F.I.C. 1 Count Spankulot Sector V's Neighborhood
Gallagher Clock Tower
None Vampire Numbuh 4 [kick the soccer ball into the net], sooper deformed Numbuh 1 [shoot the tire swing]
T.A.R.P.O.O.N. All Candy Pirates The Sky COOL-BUS
Firepower (4 SP)
Mini-Pirate Ships
Fructose Frigates
S.H.I.P.-S.H.A.P.E. 5 Stickybeard Sweet Revenge Harpoon Candy Cane Swords
Taffy Guns
Gumwad Cannons
B.R.U.S.H.O.F.F. 3 N/A Sector V's Neighborhood
Gallagher Clock Tower
THUMPER (4 SP) Dentadrones None
C.A.V.I.T.Y.-C.A.V.E. 1 Knightbrace Cavity Cave SCAMPP
Dental Assault Chair
O.V.E.R.F.L.O.W. 4 Toilenator Sector V Treehouse SLUGGUH (5 SP) Scummy Mummies
M.O.O.N.T.R.I.P. All Delightful Children from Down the Lane:DCFDTL Space COOL-BUS
Firepower (5 SP)
Ultra Gihugic Mobile Mega Mansion
L.U.N.A.R.U.M.B.L.E. All Amalgamation The Moon TREEHEMOTH Amalgamator


This will teach you how to control your active Kid Next Door.

  1. Learn the basics on how to control your active Kid Next Door
  2. Defeat the Toilenator


Your Objective[edit]

After accomplishing your first mission, Numbuh 86 will tell you that the villains have broken out of Kids Next Door Arctic Prison. Your mission: recapture the villains and take them to the Kids Next Door Sooper-Triple Maximum Security Prison on the Dark Side of the Moon.

You must first defeat the sinister German Chef, Gramma Stuffum. Stuffum has taken over the Spinkle Puff Donut Shoppe and is planning to replace the jelly in the doughnuts with spinach, liver and olives (and even haggis if you are using Numbuh 86 as an active Kid Next Door).

Things to do

  1. Defeat Gramma's henchmen to open the door to the oven
  2. Climb out of the oven uncooked
  3. Climb up the vents to get to the switch on the top floor
  4. Collect 12 Spare Parts to acquire the GUMZOOKA
  5. Cross the river of doughnut batter
  6. Defeat Gramma Stuffum

Your Mission[edit]

Through the Oven and into the Vents[edit]

Make your way through the entrance and enter the room where Gramma Stuffum keeps her oven. Then, fight all of her Spinach Soldiers and Lunch Ladies. Once all enemies are defeated, climb onto the ledge on the right side of the room and grapple onto the next ledge, then pull the switch to open the door. Two Lunch Ladies will appear. Defeat them and continue on. You may have gotten past all of Gramma Stuffum's minions in this area, but you must escape her giant oven uncooked.

Grapple onto the ledges to get through the area. As soon as you've triggered a checkpoint, the doughnuts will create a staircase allowing you to get to the next room. Don't fall into the lava! After crossing the obstacle, ride the elevator to the next room.

In this next room, you'll have to climb through the vents to get to the next area. Pull the switch to turn the Air Conditioner up to full blast, so you can climb up the platforms. You might want to snag all 12 Spare Parts to acquire the GUMZOOKA (Gumball Utilizing Mechanism Zings Overabundance Of Kandy Around) while your here-- all 12 Spare Parts are here. The switch that'll open the door to the next area is located at the highest platform. As soon as you reach the last platform, pull the switch and glide down platform Number 3 to enter the next room.

Passing Through the Goop[edit]

Area 1[edit]

You'll have to cross a river of doughnut batter in this next area of the Donut Shoppe. You'll run into a few Batter Men along the way, and when you come across mixer blades, grab onto a platform and grapple onto the next floor. As you make it to the end of this area, fight several Batter Men, and flip the switch to open the door to Area 2, but be quick-- the door won't stay open for long.

Area 2[edit]

Trigger the Checkpoint and make your way through the area. You'll be ambushed by some Lunch Ladies and Batter Men as you go through the rooms. Afterwards, open the door to the next area. Climb up to the next 2 floors to reach the exit. You'll be ambushed by several Lunch Ladies as you pass through hallways. Defeat the Lunch Ladies and head down the halls to the Boss Arena.

Boss Fight: Gramma Stuffum[edit]

Gramma Stuffum is armed and ready with her Chunk Wagon. The Chunk Wagon has a protective forcefield that must be burned through using the jelly from the doughnuts. Pull the switch on the far left of the room to distract Stuffum, then pull the switch on the far right of the room to trap the Chunk Wagon, and after that, pull the switch on the Jelly Dispenser to release the jelly. The jelly will burn through the forcefield, enabling you to damage the Chunk Wagon for a short time. You'll need to repeat this step to end Gramma Stuffum's Culinary Catastrophe and make her evil plans go stale.


After making sure Gramma Stuffum's evil plans go stale, your next mission is to help Numbuh 5 shut down the Sector V Treehouse security system, which has been sabotaged by the super-gross germ-spreading villain, the Common Cold.

  1. Cross the Tennis Ball Shooting Maze
  2. Go through the Laser Beam puzzle
  3. Cross the electric floors
  4. Collect 3 Spare Parts to acquire the SMELLMET
  5. Deactivate the Disco Ball
  6. Fight 3 Flu Bugs to advance to the mission prep room
  7. Deactivate the Security System


Before you can get a chance to reset the Treehouse defense grid, Common Cold will appear in his new Snot-Bomber. But the Common Cold won't stand a chance against Numbuh 2, in his new and improved C.O.O.L.-B.U.S., which is now armed with an arsenal of 2x4 technology and its afterburners are super-heated by his mom's tastiest chicken noodle soup!

  1. Collect 4 Spare Parts to increase the COOL-BUS's firepower
  2. Defeat the Common Cold


After putting an end to the Common Cold's germ-spreading spree, you'll have to accomplish one scary objective in this next mission. The leader of the Spank-Happy Vampires, Count Spankulot, has caused a power failure in the Treehouse and has transformed all the KND Operatives minus Numbuh 4 (who is using the haunted toilet the KND never use) into Spank-Happy Vampires. You must help Numbuh 4 get his friends back to normal before the effects of the Count's powers become irreversible!

  1. Lower the plow of the COOL-BUS to get to the next floor
  2. Get to Numbuh 4's room
  3. Defeat 7 WATCHBOTs to open the door to Numbuh 4's room
  4. Collect 5 Spare Parts to acquire the SPLANKER
  5. Change Numbuhs 2, 3 and 5 back to normal
  6. Advance to the mission prep room
  7. Defeat Nigel Spankulot


Count Spankulot has caused this power failure by releasing all the hamsters from the Treehouse power core. You must help Numbuh 3 get the Hamsters back in the power core to restore the power in the Treehouse, but not without playing a game of Hamster-Go-Seek.

  1. Gather the hamsters to power up the doors
  2. Collect 4 Spare Parts to acquire the FRAPPE
  3. Ride the elevator to the next floor
  4. Gather the last 25 hamsters to power up the treehouse


Your Objective[edit]

After getting all the Hamsters back in the power core, you'll learn that Count Spankulot has a list of kids to spank in Sector V's Neighborhood and he's got help. Your next assignment is to help Numbuh 1 free the children from Count Spankulot and his Spank-Happy Henchmen and stop Count Spankulot's endless bottom-slapping spree.

Things to do:

  1. Free 8 kids from the Count's minions
  2. Collect 6 Spare Parts to acquire the SCAMPP
  3. Face the Count's henchmen at the Gallagher Elementary Clock Tower
  4. Defeat Count Spankulot

Your Mission[edit]

Sector V's Neighborhood[edit]

Immunity in the Dark
Count Spankulot and his minions can't get hurt by your attacks in the dark. Fire your weapons at Bug Zappers and lure them into the light, or use Powuh Shots to defeat your vampiric foes.

Hands of Justice are lurking in the yard where you'll start, so you'll have to aim your GUMZOOKA at the bug zappers to make them brighter. Lure the Hands of Justice into the light. Once they are all defeated, the door to the next yard will open. You might want to grab some spare parts so you can acquire the SCAMPP (Soup Can And Magnified Photon Phlazer) while you're here.

Enter the next yard to witness a Vampire spanking a kid. Defeat the two Hands of Justice then head to the deck to confront the vampire. Fire your GUMZOOKA at him and have him chase you. Brighten up the Bug Zapper and lure the vampire into the light so you can defeat it, or you can use your Powuh Shots to take it out with ease. Then free the victim to open the door to the next yard.

Enter the next yard and defeat 5 Hands of Justice. Take out the two Vampire Wannabes and free the two victims to open the door to the next yard. You might need the SCAMPP, so you might want to locate all the spare parts before advancing to the next yard.

As you make it into the next yard, defeat the two Vampire Wannabes and free their victims to advance into the woods. In this area, as you free the Count's victims, you'll get ambushed by a few Hands of Justice, so it's best to take them out before moving on.

Into the Woods and through the Last Area[edit]

As you delve deeper into the woods, five Hands of Justice will emerge. Defeat them to open the door to the last area in the neighborhood, While you're here, free the last three kids and you can advance to the Gallagher Elementary School Clock Tower, where Count Spankulot awaits.

Gallagher Elementary School Clock Tower[edit]

No Violence in Schools![edit]

You may have stopped Count Spankulot's bottom-slapping spree, but you still got to take care of his henchmen while you're here. They are immune to your attacks in the dark, so flip a switch to change the directions of the spotlights, then lure the Count's minions into the light, or you can use Powuh Shots to take them out. You'll have to do this same task as you get through the next two areas of the Clock Tower. After defeating all of Count Spankulot's henchmen, it's time to face the Boss.

Boss Fight: Count Spankulot[edit]

This fight is tough! So, you'll need to do what you did to Count Spankulot's minions-- flip the switch to change the directions of the Spotlights on the Clock Tower, then attack Count Spankulot as he steps under the Spotlight, or use Powuh Shots to damage him.


After you've defeated Count Spankulot, your next assignment is to track down the sinister candy-stealing pirate, Stickybeard. Thanks to Numbuh 4's curiousness at pushing buttons, he's used up the tarpoon the KND were going to use to get Numbuh 5 aboard the Sweet Revenge. You'll need to get more parts to rebuild the tarpoon as you fly after the Sweet Revenge.

  1. Collect 5 Spare Parts to increase the COOL-BUS's firepower
  2. Gather 10 engine blocks to repair the harpoon


Warning: Pirates on Patrol!
Candy Pirates patrol the hallways in the Sweet Revenge ship. Make sure a Candy Pirate doesn't spot you. Otherwise, you better find a hiding place and fast, or else, you'll be walking the plank! Attack your foe from behind!

After you've rebuilt the tarpoon, it's time for you to infiltrate the Sweet Revenge and defeat Stickybeard!

  1. Sneak around the Sweet Revenge
  2. Climb up the ship
  3. Defeat all the Candy Pirates at the main deck to deactivate all 6 cannons
  4. Defeat Stickybeard


After defeating Stickybeard, it's time for you to take a break from all those missions by scarfing down all the candy that was confiscated from Stickybeard. But it's impossible to avoid a dental appointment, because the evil dentist, Knightbrace, has been spotted in Sector V's Neighborhood along with his army of Dentadrones. They're collecting Fireflies and using their poo to create a new "Bug-Brite" toothpaste, so that parents can tell if their kids brushed before bedtime! You must help Numbuh 3 save the Fireflies.

  1. Round up 8 fireflies to get to the next 6 yards
  2. Collect 4 Spare Parts to acquire the THUMPER
  3. Round up 32 fireflies


After helping Numbuh 3 save the Fireflies, the Fireflies have agreed to help the KND find Knightbrace's hideout and the manufacturing location of Bug-Brite Toothpaste-- the Cavity Cave! Your next mission to help Numbuh 1 infiltrate Knightbrace's Cavity Cave and prevent Knightbrace from working on his toothpaste-manufacturing Operation!

  1. Acquire all 4 passcodes
  2. Collect 5 Spare Parts to acquire the BAJOOKA
  3. Cross the river of fluoride
  4. Guide 5 Dentadrones to the bracegate to short-circuit it
  5. Cross the fluoride lake
  6. Defeat Knightbrace


The toilets in Sector V's Treehouse are clogged and are starting to overflow and it shouldn't take a guess or two to figure out who's to blame. The pathetic wannabe villain, the Toilenator has backed up all the toilets in the Treehouse and the Treehouse is about to overflow with his Sewer-riffic henchmen unless you help Numbuh 4 defeat this rogue plumber.

  1. Defeat the Scummy Mummies to open the hallway door
  2. Collect 5 Spare Parts to acquire the SLUGGUH
  3. Smash all 3 backed-up toilets
  4. Win the race to the golden toilet to defeat the Toilenator


After defeating all the villains, the KND are heading for the Moonbase. What they don't know is that this whole prison break caused by Father was merely a sinister plot to destroy the KND Organization once and for all. In addition to this, as the KND are about to head for the Moonbase, they are confronted by their sworn enemies-- the Delightful Children From Down The Lane, who are traveling through the cosmos in their Ultra Gihugic Mobile Mega Mansion. Before you can make your way to the Moonbase, you must first help the KND get the DCFDTL out of their way.

  1. Collect 5 Spare Parts to increase the COOL-BUS's firepower
  2. Defeat the DCFDTL


After you've defeated the DCFDTL, the KND will learn of the reason why the DCFDTL wanted the KND to recapture the villains-- so they can use the parts Cree took from the previous bosses the KND faced to create the ultimate villain known as the Amalgamation. But the KND have an Amalgamation of their own-- the KND TREEHEMOTH! This is it-- the final fight.

  1. Defeat the Amalgamation