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  • Some basic universal strategies for all factions in the game are those usually related with the preservation of support and specialized teams with infantry squads or other versatile units. Since many support teams such as anti-tank guns and mortar teams take time to reposition, it is best to have some standard infantry squads protecting the flanks, as well as tank support standing by if in defense of a valuable position, such as a Victory Point.
  • Next, keep in mind that Fuel is the scarcest resource in the game, and therefore the most contested. Try to capture your opponents' Fuel Points to ultimately strip them of their heavy armor later in-game. Focus on securing more higher-yield positions and leave the lesser counterparts for later, though these are positions the enemy will defend the most.
  • Also, use fast-moving units such as the Bren Carrier to scou out enemy position and establish the frontlines as soon as possible. Use the fact that these light units do not require Fuel to gain the upper hand early in game.
  • Try to work with your teammates in 3v3 or 4v4 games to create a diversity of Command Doctrines. Know which ones are good in early game and in late game.
  • Finally, use engineer-type units to deploy barbed wire and tank traps. These simple defenses cost no resources and can turn the tide of a battle.


2nd Panzer Elite[edit]

Arguably the most versatile faction in the game, the Elite focuses on superior light vehicle and defensive capabilities. While they may be hard at first, the skilled player can unleash devastating infantry and mortar bombardments. Sporting the most mobile Capturing units and defensive capabilities, this faction tough to handle, yes can turn the tide of any battle. The three Command Doctrines for this side are Scorched Earth, which focuses on area denial, Luftwaffe, a powerful defensive setting, and Tank Hunters, which allows the player to benefit from a number of anti-armor capabilities.

General strategies[edit]

Realize that all infantry can repair any vehicles. In breaks in the battle, unload Panzergrenadiers to repair their halftrack. Also use the Bergetiger to salvage wrecked axis vehicles. Having a Panzer Elite ally to back up a Wermacht Panzer or Stug IV advance can be quite rewarding.