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Crisis Zone
Box artwork for Crisis Zone.
Japanese titleクライシスゾーン
Release date(s)
Genre(s)First-person shooter
ModesSingle player
TwitchCrisis Zone Channel
This guide is for the 1999 arcade game. For the 2004 Sony PlayStation 2 game, see Time Crisis: Crisis Zone.
Crisis Zone marquee

Crisis Zone is a first-person shooter arcade game which was released by Namco in 1999; it was the last game to run on their (now-outdated) System 23 hardware, and is similar to their own Time Crisis duology (1995-1997), in that the player has to step on a pedal to make their character (a member of the "S.T.F." anti-terrorist unit) attack (and step off it again to go back into hiding and reload), but this time, the game's lightgun resembles a submachine gun (as opposed to a pistol). The enemies (who are members of the "U.R.D.A." terrorist group and have taken over the "Garland Square Complex") are also stronger than those for the two Time Crisis games (evidenced by the fact they are wearing body armour) - and they also have energy bars over their heads which indicate their armour levels.

Although this game has no connections with the Time Crisis series, it did later lend its name to that series' fifth (and second direct-to-console) title, Time Crisis: Crisis Zone, on the Sony PlayStation 2 (2004); as in both Steel Gunners (1990-1991), almost everything in the backgrounds could be shot and it was also the first title in the series to allow a player to connect two GunCon2 lightguns to the PS2 console, then fire both of them at the television's screen to kill enemies simultaneously. It also introduced several new enemies (and bosses), gameplay modes, weapons and gameplay settings.

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