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Dante's Inferno
Box artwork for Dante's Inferno.
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Hack and slash, Action-adventure
System(s)PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP
Mode(s)Single player
ESRB: ESRB M.png Mature
PEGI: PEGI 18.png Ages 18+
USK: USK 18.png Ages 18+
BBFC: BBFC 18.png 18
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Dante's Inferno is a third-person action-adventure game published by Electronic Arts and developed by Visceral Games. The game is loosely inspired by Inferno, the first book of Dante Alighieri's epic poem, The Divine Comedy. The story of the game is written by Will Rokos and produced by Justin Lambros.

The player controls Dante, a veteran of the Third Crusade, who chases his beloved Beatrice and attempts to free her soul from Lucifer, who needs to wed a heaven-bound soul to break free of Hell and make another attempt to take over the Throne of God. As his pursuit takes him through the monstrous entities within the nine Circles of Hell to save Beatrice, Dante must face his own sins, his family's past and his war crimes.

Table of Contents