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Basic controls[edit]

Controls Action Main Menu
Neutral dpad
  • Change equipment
  • Select heading
Neutral rstick
  • Control camera
Neutral lstick
  • Move character
L1 button
  • Left-hand weapon action
  • Use spell/miracle
  • Toggle pages of list headings
L2 button
  • Left-hand weapon action
  • Toggle display menu
R1 button
  • Right-hand weapon action
  • Two-handed action
  • Use spell/miracle
  • Toggle pages of list headings
R2 button
  • Right-hand weapon action
  • Two-handed action
  • Toggle display menu
R3 button
  • Reset camera
  • Lock onto/release target
Circle button
  • Step back (press R1 button after dodging an enemy attack with this maneuver for sprinting attack)
  • (hold) Sprint (+R1 button for sprinting attack)
  • (with Neutral lstick) Roll (+R1 button for rolling attack)
  • Cancel
  • Cancel
Cross button
  • Talk
  • Check
  • Confirm
  • (hold) Display gesture menu
  • Confirm
  • (inventory) Display command menu
Triangle button
  • Toggle one-handed/two-handed use
  • Toggle status display
Square button
  • Use item
  • Toggle item list display
  • (inventory) Remove equipment
Start button
  • Open main menu
  • Close main menu
Select button
  • Write/recommend messages
  • Rate other players
  • Display help text

Left-hand weapon actions[edit]

With small shield With small weapon With large shield/weapon
L1 button Guard Attack Guard
L2 button Parry* Parry* Attack
R1 button Execute a critical attack* N/A Execute a critical attack*
  • Parry must be performed when an enemy attack is about to hit
  • Critical attacks are executed after a parry.

Right-hand weapon actions[edit]

Press the R1 button button while tapping Neutral lstick forward (forward being relative to the direction the character is facing) to shove the enemy away and break their guard. Curved swords and rapiers will perform an evasive attack maneuver instead.

Attacking from behind or immediately after parrying an enemy attack will perform a critical attack, dealing more damage than a regular attack. Some enemies are immune to the damage bonus from critical attacks.

Aiming a bow[edit]

Press the L1 button button with a readied bow to switch to aiming mode. This can not be done with a crossbow. Once in aiming mode, use Up dpad/Down dpad to zoom in/out, press L1 button again to exit aiming mode.