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Mission 1: America[edit]

Enemies in this mission are easy, although they're known to do running jumps and attacks.

You can eventually proceed right to a door where a few enemies exit and attack.

Enter the building, and you will be attacked by two motorcyclists, who can be taken down with a single jump kick.

The end-level boss behaves like a normal enemy with a bit more hit points, but with careful play, you could knock him into the conveyor belt pit.

Mission 2: China[edit]

The stage introduces a new enemy, which will perform high-jumping kick attacks.

The end stage boss first acts as normal, but will bring out a weapon during the fight. This weapon makes a direct attack more difficult.

Mission 3: Japan[edit]

The stage has plenty of swordsmen that attack. They behave normally.

When you advance to the right where you approach the building's entrance, there are traps on the wooden area, including a bamboo spike from the wall, and floor spikes from the wooden section. Staying at the bottom of the screen keeps you safe from the traps.

The end-mission boss is a ninja. He can throw a smoke bomb, and shurikens, in addition to his regular attacks. Midway through the fight, he splits two copies of himself, all of which attack in the same fashion.

Mission 4: Italy[edit]

Enemies are gladiators equipped with a bow. They have a ranged attack, in addition to having a wide melee attack as well. Midway through battling the initial gladiators, you will see a horseman ride through the fighting area - avoid him until all other opponents are downed, then proceed to the right.

The horseman dismounts and attacks. He has a rather difficult fighting pattern, consisting of a spinning attack for close range, and a longer range thrust.

Mission 5: Egypt[edit]

The mission starts with two motorcyclists, easily killed.

When you fall, you will encounter animated wood constructs, and they will have a long-range whip attack.

After you enter the building, the first floor has a series of traps, which need to be avoided by jumping or moving around them.

The second floor has an indestructable spinning disk, which attacks while you fight a palette-shifted mission 4 boss.

The next room requires you to step on the tiles in order. The hardest part is the start of the sequence, where a creature attacks from the right as part of a jump scare. Simply walk on the "R" and "O", jump across to the "s" and "E", and the rest of the floor shouldn't be a problem.

After the puzzle door, you are attacked by golems, who will throw their arms as a ranged attack. Defeat them and advance, and you will need to fight Hiruko. The forutine teller simply has a ranged attack, with nothing too special, and is best handled by kicks. When defeated, you will enter Cleopatra's chamber.

Cleopatra's first form is a mummified corpse. While slow moving, the corpse still has a long range grab attack that can inflict a bit of damage.

Cleopatra's second form is the final credit muncher of the game. She has the following abilities:

  • One magical bolt, which does the most damage (aobut 100 energy points), but is easily dodges.
  • A ranged attack, where she raises her hand to lift you into the air and slam you on the ground. This appears to be dodgeable by jumping, but there's only 13 frames of reaction time.
  • When struck, she sometimes shoots a short-range energy burst.
  • When attacked during her idle movement, she will fly up and dodge the attack.

On the first attempt, the second form may take 10 minutes to defeat, due to the quick reaction time necessary and her unique defense.