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The King and the trainers[edit]

Attributes distribution as suggested in Saturn Mode: look at the left side of the screen.

Start the game by talking to the King. He gives the hero 3500 Gold Coins to train his attributes, as well as some basic equipment.

In town, seven different trainers allow to distribute the starting attributes as you wish.

In the Saturn mode, the King gives the hero just 1000 GC, but he distributes already the character attributes in a rather optimal way.

Copy-protection maze[edit]

Saturn mode map

The very first part of the dungeon is free from any monster. Still, you need the manual to reach the proper entrance of the dungeons.

Fall vertically from the chasm in the town, take exactly five steps to the left (until the vertical shaft disappears), then walk back to the left. If you reach the item shop, you can also turn back and reach the entrance of the first dungeon floor.

Saturn mode: item shop[edit]

In Saturn mode, the "copy protection maze" was removed. The secret item shop can still be reached; when you jump into the chasm, push to the right and take the first corridor (see map).