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Box artwork for Elemental Gearbolt.
Elemental Gearbolt
Developer(s)Alfa System
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment, Working Designs
Year released1997
Genre(s)Light gun
ModesSingle player, Co-op
Rating(s)ESRB Everyone
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Elemental Gearbolt (幻世虚構 精霊機導弾 Elemental Gearbolt Gensei Kyokō Seirei Kidōdan Elemental Gearbolt?, lit. Fictional Illusory World Spirit Mobile Assault Elemental Gearbolt), is a light gun shooter for the PlayStation. Originally developed by Alfa System, the game was published by Sony Computer Entertainment and released in Japan in 1997. Working Designs licensed the game for the North American market and released it in 1998.

Before the Elemental Gearbolt incident, the world was home to two races, Audo and Sulunkan. The Sulunkan, descendants of a fallen magical empire, were oppressed by the Audo. There are secret resistance groups, but none strong enough to challenge the powerful Audo ruling class. Destiny is set in motion when Nell and Seana, the Sugiku (half breed) daughters of a resistance leader, meet Bel Cain, the Sugiku son of the selfish King Jabugal. Nell and Bel Cain promise to meet again, but other circumstances interfere.

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