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The Nation Overview page shows a general summary of your nation, presenting the name of the government in effect, the current ruler, current national ideas, and a quick view of the provinces.

Government types[edit]

Governments at the time have one of three categories: Tribal, Republic, and Monarchy. These are then divided into a subset of government types, which have minor changes on the behavior of government.

Form of government Category Government Advantage Desired Civics
Aristocratic Monarchy Monarchy Trade Income +25% 2 Military, 1 Civic
Despotic Monarchy Monarchy Build Cost (Buildings) -33% 1 Military, 1 Economic, 1 Civic
Dictatorship Monarchy Discipline +10% 1 Military, 1 Economy, 1 Civic, 1 Religious
Federal Monarchy Monarchy Tribute Income +25% 1 Economic, 1 Civic, 1 Religious
Theocracy Monarchy Omen Success Chance +10% 2 Religious
Aristocratic Republic Republic Character Loyalty Gain +1% 1 Military, 2 Civic
Democratic Republic Republic Character Popularity Gain +1% 2 Civic
Military Republic Republic Discipline +10% 2 Military, 1 Civic
Oligarchic Republic Republic Monthly Character Wealth +5% 1 Military, 1 Economic, 1 Civic
Republic Confederacy Republic Research Points +20% 1 Economic, 1 Civic
Civic Tribe Tribal Research Points +10% 1 Civic
Military Tribe Tribal Discipline +5% 1 Military
Religious Tribe Tribal Revolt Risk -1 1 Religious
Trade Tribe Tribal Trade Routes (per province) +1 1 Economic

National ideas[edit]

On nation overview, you may choose some national ideas. These national

You may change a national idea. The change is free if the new idea matches the ruler's faction, but otherwise costs 3 stability.

The national idea slots are generally associated with a specific type of idea. While there is no explicit penalty for a mismatched idea, you need to have all three match in order to get the associated bonus with the government.


The ruler at the top-right corner shows the current ruler. You can hover the mouse over the image to get a summary of stats, and click the picture to view character details.

The ruler's faction provides a specific bonus to the nation. However, the populist faction provides a penalty.