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Box artwork for Exile: Wicked Phenomenon.
Exile: Wicked Phenomenon
Publisher(s)Telenet, Working Designs
Year released1992
Preceded byExile
Japanese titleエグザイルII 邪念の事象
Genre(s)Action role-playing
ModesSingle player
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Exile: Wicked Phenomenon (エグザイルII 邪念の事象 Eguzairu Tsū: Janen no Jishō?, lit. "Exile II: Wicked Phenomenon") is a action role-playing video game was developed by Riot and published by Telenet Japan. It was the fourth and the final game in the series, was released in Japan for the Super CD-ROM2 add-on on September 22, 1992. It was released in North America on July 31, 1993, once again published by Working Designs. While the previous games featured heavy religious elements, Sadler is now striving to defeat chaos and solve the mystery of an ancient tower.

The game's cover art featured a photograph, a rarity for North America, of the game's final boss, handcrafted. Vic Ireland commented on it, saying that "The Exile 2 cover is polarizing. People love it or hate it. It's basically aping a style of diorama that was really popular to advertise games in Japan. NCS/MASAYA did quite a bit of it, and I wanted to bring that to the US as well. So, I chose Exile 2 as the game to try this on. The practical effects guy who did the little models on the set in the ad, had done FX work for movies like Tremors and has since done work for WETA in Australia. The smoke was a time exposure to give it a thickness and glow. When we ran the ad, EGM or Gamepro (I can't remember) sent us a survey they did months later with their readers that had that ad listed as the 'most remembered' ad from the whole magazine, which, I think, justified the experiment. We tried it again for Vasteel, but the results weren't that great, so we only used part of one of the space scenes on the back cover of the jewel case."

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