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The Windows version of Fable III supports Xbox 360 controllers in addition to keyboard and mouse controls but note that some controls work differently between the two: multi-function 360 buttons are split up into individual keys for each function, and the keyboard attack keys change the attack mode of the mouse buttons rather than performing that attack type immediately. The keyboard and mouse controls can be customized in the settings; the defaults are shown below.

Xbox 360 Controller Keyboard and Mouse Action
Neutral lstick WASD Move
Neutral rstick PC Mouse.png Camera
X button 1 (select) Melee Attack
B button 2 (select) Magic Attack
Y button 3 (select) Ranged Attack
N/A PC Mouse Left Click.png Primary Attack
N/A PC Mouse Right Click.png Special (Block/Aim/Surround Spell)
N/A PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png Scroll through Combat Modes
A button Space Roll
A button E Interact, Select
A button (hold) Shift (toggle) Sprint
Start button Esc Go to Sanctuary, Back, Cancel
N/A P Pause
N/A F5 Quicksave
LB button Ctrl Reset Camera Behind Hero, Hold for First Person View
Neutral dpad F1-F4 Context-Sensitive Shortcuts
Back button M Open Map
N/A Backspace Safety Mode
LT button Q Hold Hands with Villager, Aim with Ranged Weapon
RT button Tab Look at Important Events, Villager Info