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Image Name Description
Ancient Codex Polite talking book. Refer when stuck.
Mana Fragment Made from the water of life. Glows softly.
Sword of Hope A silver, sharp blade. Brings hope.
Monster Slayer A legendary sword. Defeats blue thing.
Fairune Sword Covered in decorative carvings of plants.
Photon Sword A stylish blade of light. Makes buzzing sounds.
Green Orb Sparkles like sunlight. Fits somewhere.
Red Orb Bright like fire. Collect three orbs.
Blue Orb Glows mesmerizingly. Know how to use it?
Axe A normal, generic axe. Use to chop wood.
Log A hard, hefty log. One is not enough.
Torch A magic torch that stays lighted.
Solar Key Has a carving of the sun. Made of gold?
Solar medallion Blow those rain clouds away!
Unregistered ID A clean, glossy, rectangular card.
ID Card Lv.1 Has a photograph of someone on it.
ID Card Lv.2 Upgraded just a little.
ID Card Lv.3 You can go anywhere with this!
Storage Device A small mechanical device. Important.
Faraway Memory A smooth, patterned black slab of stone
Faraway Memory The stone is filled with old writing now.
White Key A key as white as snow. Won't melt.
Warrior Statue As heavy as a human girl. Place carefully.
Compass Shows the right way to go. Check often!
Pickaxe Used to dig holes and break rocks. Use it on cracks!
Magma Key A fiery red, glowing key. Warm to touch.
Prism Crystal that collects light. Looks familiar.
Bottle An empty bottle. Used to keep special liquid.
Freezing Potion Freezes anything instantly. Do not drink!
Oil Used to move machines. Don't drink!
Blue Moon medal A blue medallion shaped like the moon.
Red Moon medal A red medallion shaped like the moon.
Heart of Dramos Might be helpful to understand Dramos.
Artifact Key A key with strange carvings on it. Glows.
Dimension stone Looks like a normal stone. Unremarkable?
Giant's wedge An ancient metal wedge. Quite heavy.
Giant's wedge An ancient metal wedge. Rusted.
Giant's wedge An ancient metal wedge. Extra bulky.
Giant's wedge An ancient metal wedge. Pretty big.
Giant's heart A clear blue crystal. It has a heartbeat.
Earth Ring A blessed ring. Allows walking on the desert.
Ice Ring Made of cold material. Stops slipping on ice.
Water Ring Makes watery sounds. Walk on water with it.
Green Fairy Has bright green eyes full of life. Healthy.
Red Fairy Has blazing red eyes. Full of strength.
Blue Fairy Has cool blue eyes that miss nothing.
EXP Boost Increases the amount of EXP received.
Shield Boost Decreases amount of damage received.
Rare Boost Increases the chance of rare monsters.
Earth Stone A smooth lightweight slab of stone.
Ice Stone A cold, glassy slab of stone.
Water Stone A clay-like, moist slab of stone.