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The game has three difficulty levels:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard (locked)

For those who have haven't played before, each level has hidden F4 Symbols to collect these allow the unlocking of some art and other items. The total number of tokens in each level are on your pause menu under objectives.

Don't worry if you miss one though, as you can always go back through the levels via the Main Menu; after loading your save, press the continue option and you will be able to load that level again.

Level 1[edit]

Use fire with Jonny by tapping the hit button (A button) for flying bad guys, as all your other characters can't hit them.

Your first one is in a room off the room with the green flashy things on the floor. After killing all the bad guys you'll have a chat about not been able to get through this door before you switch characters. Go down; you'll see a tutorial in a room and an F4 symbol. The tutorial just tells you about them.

Your second is in your next room to your right just past a purple forcefield. You can get through there using invisible woman's force field ability to break the machine on the opposite side.

Your third and fourth F4 Symbols are obvious on the path along which you need to go on.(not for wii)

Level 2[edit]

Aim straight up at all times until you hit a cut seen with drill Could not find 4th

First one is off to your right-hand side just before that cut scene. Smash things in the middle to get it, but loads of enemies spawn as soon as you take it so if you need health smash the corner ones first. Keep going until you have a drill burst through the wall behind you; from there go through a room then keep going left then upwards. The second F4 Symbol is sitting in there, and more enemies will spawn. Keep going until the truck nearly hits you.

From there go the only way you can now and on the right-hand side is a breakable wall with the third F4 Symbol behind it.