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Frogger screen.png
  • You begin each stage and life at the bottom of the screen. After you successfully return a frog to its home, you will begin again on the bottom.
  • You must return one frog to one home before the time meter at the bottom of the screen runs out. Failure to do so will result in the loss of one life.
  • Your first goal is to cross all of the lanes of traffic without getting hit by any cars. Get a feel for the speed and the rhythm of the cars, and time your leaps accordingly. Remember that you need to bring the joystick back to neutral in order to jump forward more than once.
  • Once you reach the bank in the middle of the screen, you can take a small breather. Be on the lookout for snakes crossing the bank on higher stages.
  • Jump on the backs of the turtles passing by in the lowest row of the river. Beware of the diving turtles. Avoid them unless they are surfacing and about to pass underneath a log that is safe to jump on.
  • Jump on to the next two rows of logs. At higher levels, the second long will be a little slower than the first row of logs, so make sure that you will not run out of time to jump on the big log and get pulled off the side of the screen.
  • It is on the lowest row of logs that you might encounter a female frog. Pick it up if it's safe to do so, but do not risk your life for 200 bonus points. You must safely return to an empty home with the female frog to earn the reward.
  • Jump on to the backs of the second row of turtles with the same strategy that you employed for the first row, and jump on to the final row of logs before the lily pads.
  • In order to make it safely home, you must jump in an empty location. Jumping in a home that is already occupied will cost you one life. You can safely jump into a home if a croc mouth is just beginning to appear, but be careful as a croc that is fully visible can kill you.
  • Because of the flow of the logs, the left most home can be the most difficult to reach, while the right most is the easiest. Try to enter the homes from left to right so that the harder homes are filled before the stage becomes too difficult.