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The Kickstand[edit]

  1. Click the top of the right portion of the dumpster. You will punch your way out of the dumpster.
  2. If you use your bike, you will see a little animation with Ben looking for his keys
  3. Walk to the front of The Kickstand. Kick open the door.
  4. Talk to Quohog and try several answers. For some fun you can kick the piano
  5. Use your fist on Quohog, the bartender. He'll give you his keys and tell about the guys who want Ben dead.
  6. Go back outside, and use your motorcycle.
  7. Fight the Rottwheeler.
  8. Watch the sequence where Ben's sabotaged bike breaks and catches fire. He is saved by Miranda.


  1. You come to in Maureen's shack. Talk to her, if you want look at the picture on the wall, take the gas can and the hose sitting on the table.
  2. Go outside. If you want, talk to Miranda, the reporter.

Now you are off to find 3 items: forks, a torch, and fuel. You can visit each place and take each item in any order you want (Maureen's reply will be different each time); however in each place you find item(s) which you will need in the other places, therefore the quickest way is this:

  1. Go down the road to Todd's trailer.
  2. You can kick the door and enter the trailer. Whenever you knock the door, Todd comes by the door, mumbles, and returns to his work. For fun, you can repeat it several times to see his reactions (Strangely, when you knock and right after kick the door open, you don't see Todd coming).
  3. Knock on the door. Wait for Todd to come up the elevator. When he starts talking, kick down the door.
  4. Open the cabinet. Take the lockpick. Open the fridge. Take the meat.
  5. Go down the elevator into Todd's work area. You'll find Mo's welding torch here.
  1. Go to the gas tower. Use the lockpick on the lock. Pick the lock up.
  2. Touch the ladder of the gas tower. An alarm goes off.
  3. If you try to climb the latter, the police comes and shoot you and you run away. For fun, you can repeat it for several times and see their reactions and funny comments.
  4. To avoid the cops, right after you set off the alarm, click at the dark shadow in the back left of the screen to hide.
  5. The police come on hovercars; they don't find you and land to climb up the tower looking for you. Come out of the shadows, open the cap of the vehicle, attach the hose, use the gas tank on the hose, and then use your mouth to suck the gasoline into the gas can.
  1. Go to Todd's junkyard. When you pull the chain, the metal gate opens but you can't enter it while holding the chain.
  2. Use the lock on the bottom of the gate. Climb up the metal chain.
  3. You can see the forks on the top of the junk pile. If you try to touch it, Todd's dog chases you away.
  4. Go the right, where the cars are. Place the slab of meat in a car. Todd's dog will jump into the car.
  5. Go back and climb back up the wall of the junkyard. Walk along the wall to the right. There is a tower. Try to find the point where the cursor becomes a red arrow and enter the tower.
  6. In the tower, you can operate the magnetic crane. Move the crane over the car with the dog in it (look at its shadow for reference), lower it and push the button to grasp it. Lift it up and leave it dangling up in the air. Now you can go back and grab the forks from the junk pile.
  1. Now Maureen fixes the bike and also installs a booster. If you haven't done so, Ben will automatically notice Maureen's old photograph, and will tell Miranda about the ambush.
  2. You leave Melonweed but you see police hovercars looking for the gas thief.
  3. Go back to the gas tower and touch the ladder to draw away the hovercars.
  4. You catch up with your gang, but then Corley is murdered by Ripburger. After the cutscenes, go back down the road the other way to The Kickstand.

The Kickstand revisited[edit]

  1. Go back to the dumpster where you started the game, and Miranda will give you fake federal IDs.
  2. Go inside and talk to Quohog and Emmet. You can taunt Emmet a bit. If you insist 10 times to try the knife, he will give it to you and trigger a mini-game. Just see the movements of Ben and repeat them. If you miss, your hand will seem like a mess.
  3. In order to persuade Emmet to take you with him, give him the IDs and he will give you a lift.
  1. Once you get to the Mink Ranch, you see that he stole your gas line. Go inside the side door to Mo's room. Lift the pillow to find a tire iron. Use the tire iron to open the lock. You'll find the gas line you require.

Highway 9[edit]

  1. You see a cutscene; Mo was in the ranch and steals the booster she gave you. As you chase her, things happen and the Cavefish blow up Emmet's truck, destroying the Poyahoga Bridge.
    After the cutscene, you are before the gorge. You'll need to jump across the gorge. Read the big board sign for a hint: you need Ricky Myran's ramp, a booster and an antigravity mechanism.

Now you can travel along the Highway 9, from the broken bridge to the Mink Farm; along the way, there is Emmet's fertilizer truck, where you can optionally stop. There, take some of it. Also, there are turns to the Mine Road; click and Ben will turn towards it. On the Mine Road, the first person you will meet is Father Torque, the ex leader of the Polecats. Talk to him for some hints. There, you can beat up some bikers and get their weapons.

When you approach the farm, Ripburger's thugs, Bolus and Nestor, notice and run after you. You can't stop at the truck, but you can see that the fertilizer hinders their view. When you reach the Gorge, you turn around and repeat the same route. Your only way to lose them is to turn to the Mine Road, where they won't follow you.

Get rid of the thugs[edit]

  • Stop at the truck, and don't forget to pick up some dust. Use the tire iron on the wheels of the truck. Then push it over.
  • Go to the Mink Farm and lure the thugs. Now when they pass by the truck, they will go totally blind and crush their car.

Get the antigravity mechanism[edit]

  • The thugs' car is now available as a stop. When you pass by it, click and dismount your bike.
  • Use the tire iron on it to open the engine compartment and get the hover fan.
  • Use the hover fan on the bike.

Get the booster and the goggles[edit]

  • Go onto Mine Road, talk to Father Torque if you haven't, and start beating on some bikers, preferably with the tire iron. It's impossible to beat all of them with the iron but try to get better weapons and use them. For now, you can't beat the Vultures with the chainsaw and the booster, and the Cavefish.
  • When you see the redhead Vulture with the chainsaw, quickly choose the fertilizer as a weapon, go next to her and throw it to her. The chainsaw is the strongest weapon in the biker fight (although it's useless to the booster guy and the Cavefish).
    With it, you can easily beat the guy with the wooden plank, and the Rottwheeler with the chain (not the one with the piked skull).
  • When you meet the Vulture with the booster, quickly use the chain on him and you will steal his booster.
  • When you meet the Cavefish, notice when he lifts his head; use the plank to hit him and steal his goggles.

Get the ramp[edit]

  1. After you've gotten the goggles, use them to locate the secret entrance of the Cavefish along Mine Road. Be ready to click when you see "Cave Entrance!"
  2. Once inside, drive through the cave and attach the ramp to your bike. Drive back one scene, but don't leave the cave yet. Use the ramp on the little yellow dots in the road, and then leave. The Cavefish use these dots to navigate, and they will crash without them.
  1. Now you have all the necessary parts to jump the chasm. Go to the chasm, and click the arrow on it so that Ben jumps it and head towards Corville.


  1. Go to the souvenir salesmen. Examine his souvenirs, and when he looks away, take the bunny.
  2. Go towards the Vulture hideout (a hole in the guardrail). It's protected by mines. Use the bunny on the minefield. When he explodes in a fiery death, take the batteries.
  3. Go back to the souvenir shop and put the batteries in the RC car. Use the joystick and drive the car to the right and into the exit of the demolition derby. The salesman will go chasing after it. Take the box of bunnies behind the counter.

Vultures hideout[edit]

  1. Go back to the minefield, and use the box of bunnies on the minefield. It is most effective to drop the box, pick up all the bunnies quickly, and then let them go one at a time. After each bunny blows up, walk to the furthest point it reached and drop another bunny. Repeat until you reach the other side.
  2. When roped up by the Vultures, say: "Let me go or else!", then "I'll call you names!", then "Diapered dynamo!"
  3. In the demolition derby, you'll need to jump on top of a car via the ramp on the left. It will stop moving. Then, push it over to the ramp in the far lower right. Jump off this ramp, over this car, and onto Nestor and Bolus' car. Finally, you can hit Mo and explode in flames.
  4. Run your flaming body along the walls of the arena, which will catch fire.
  5. Wait until Nestor's car is near the giant flame, and then run inside it. Nestor will chase you into it, killing himself.
  6. Look on Mo's old bike and try to open the closed caps. You will see the secret code (154492).

Corley factory[edit]

  1. Go to the back of the Corley factory and kick the secret spot when all the meters line up. The spot is hard to find, but finding it only takes a few tries. It's on the left side, near a group of cracks.
  2. Inside the factory, input the code (154492) to open Malcolm's safe. Get his will and the ID card.
  3. Go down the hall, open the right door using the ID card. Use the controls on the projector to turn off the motor and turn the lamp up to full, to ruin the film.
  4. When the operator goes into the projector room to fix it, go into the other room and use the pictures of Malcolm's murder on the equipment.

Highway chase[edit]

  1. After the cutscene, you will be on the grill of Ripburger's truck. Lift the small hood on the front of the truck (right below the windshield). Ripburger will push it back down with his cane. Quickly grab his cane when he does so.
  2. Open the grill of the truck and use the cane on the fan. You will climb inside.
  3. When on the backside of the truck, use the tire iron on one of the fuel lines. You will lift it up.
  4. Next, you will be inside the giant aircraft. Climb up the ladder to the controls. Hit the button, and use these options: Take-Off, Post Take-Off, Gear, Raise Gear.
  5. Next, you will be dangling over a cliff. Climb inside the truck, hit the button, and use these options: Defence Systems, Machine Guns, Control, Off.
  6. Finally, use your bike to exit the burning plane.

Enjoy the end of the game.