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GLX Screen.png
  • Each round begins with a fresh Galaxian formation falling in to place from the top of the screen. In order to finish each round, your goal is to completely eliminate every Galaxian in sight.
  • Your ship will remain a set distance from the formation. You can move left and right, but never up or down. You can fire exactly one bullet at a time. As soon as the bullet hits an enemy or rises off of the top of the screen, another bullet becomes available for you to fire.
  • After a short while, Galaxians will peel off from the formation and begin bombing raids on your ship. It is necessary to eliminate them with fire, or avoid them when they reach your level of the playfield. Once they fly off the screen (the bottom or either of the sides,) they will reappear at the top a few seconds later and typically return to their place in the formation.
  • As the Galaxians descend, they fire a few bullets of their own at you. The bullets are only nominally faster than they are, but collision with either one is equally deadly. If you do not feel that you can safely eliminate the Galaxian in flight, it is best to head towards the corner that is farthest from the direction that the Galaxian is heading in. Be sure to account for who may be coming behind the Galaxian closest to you.
  • As you eliminate more and more Galaxians, the intensity of the bombing raids will increase, with more numbers of Galaxians breaking from the formation to attack you. As you progress through each round, the intensity and the frequency of the attacks also increases.
  • Towards the end of a round, every Galaxian will break formation and fly at you continuously. They will not even stop to return to their formation. If a Flagship is one of the Galaxians left remaining by the end of the round, it will attempt to escape. If it succeeds, it will return with the next formation, resulting in a third Flagship at the top instead of the usual two.


Enemy Score
Blue Galaxian: In formation 30
Blue Galaxian: Diving 60
Purple Galaxian: In formation 40
Purple Galaxian: Diving 80
Red Galaxian: In formation 50
Red Galaxian: Diving 100
Flagship: In formation 60
Flagship: Diving alone 150
Flagship: Diving with 1 escort 200
Flagship: Diving with 2 escorts, Flagship killed before BOTH escorts 300
Flagship: Diving with 2 escorts, Flagship killed AFTER both escorts 800