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The popularity of game genres will vary in time. If it fits your taste, go with the most popular to help boost sales.

Type Popularity Job Level
RPG A Writer 5
Simulation A Coder 4
Sim RPG A Director 1
Table C Default N/A
Action B Writer 3
Adventure B Default N/A
Shooter C Writer 3
Action RPG A Producer 3
Racing B Sound Engineer 3
Online RPG A Producer 5
Online Sim A Hacker 5
Trivia C Default N/A
Life B Designer 3
Board B Producer 1
Puzzle B Default N/A
Music B Director 5
Audio Novel B Director 2
Motion A Hardware Engineer 4
Educational B Default N/A
Card Game A Hardware Engineer 3


Normal Sorting[edit]

Type Popularity Job Training Minimum Level
Sports C Coder Jogging 1
Exploration B Coder Movie 2
Martial Arts C Director Movie 1
Fantasy A Writer Reading 2
Virtual Pet A Coder Pinball 2
Samurai A Writer Movie 1
Dungeon B Coder Game 2
Romance A Writer Reading 2
Pirate C Default N/A N/A
Comedy C Producer Movie 1
Horror C Writer Net Surf 1
Word A Director Lab Study 3
Train C Designer Stroll 2
Animal B Default N/A N/A
Robot C Default N/A N/A
Airplane B Coder Museum 1
Conv. Store C Coder Stroll 3
Historical C Default N/A N/A
Bookstore A Sound Engineer Stroll 3
Comics A Hardware Engineer Reading 1
Art B Designer Movie 1
Movies A Writer Movie 1
Game Co. A Coder Game 5
Egypt C Producer Long Trip 1
Town A Producer Museum 2
Architecture A Director Long Trip 1
Lawyer A Director Net Surf 1
Medieval C Hardware Engineer Movie 2
Monster C Designer Meditate 1
Hunting A Designer Game 3
High School B Coder Stroll 3
Junior High C Writer College 1
War B Sound Engineer Concert 1
Ninja B Default N/A N/A
Cutie A Designer Concert 3
Ogre C Writer Meditate 2
Fashion B Director College 2
Detective C Writer Reading 1
Mystery B Writer Reading 1
Cowboy B Producer Short Trip 1
Horseshoes C Director Pinball 2
President B Hardware Engineer Lab Study 2
Stocks C Coder Lab Study 4
Cartoon A Writer Anime 3
Cosplay B Writer Anime 5
Pop Star C Director Museum 1
Swimsuit A Hacker Anime 1
Mini-Skirt A Hacker Short Trip 5
Mushroom C Hacker Short Trip 1
Poncho C Hacker Long Trip 1
Chess C Coder Stroll 2
Checkers C Sound Engineer Anime 1
Mahjong B Coder Pinball 1
Reversi C Default N/A N/A
Dance B Writer Concert 2
Drums B Producer Reading 1
Fitness A Sound Engineer Meditate 1
Basketball C Writer Jogging 2
Skiing C Producer Jogging 1
Snowboard C Director Jogging 1
Golf B Default N/A N/A
Swimming B Sound Engineer Meditate 1
Volleyball C Designer Jogging 2
Motorsport B Writer Net Surf 1
Soccer B Designer Jogging 2
Ping Pong C Coder College 2
Sumo A Director Stroll 1
Baseball A Coder Stroll 3
Wrestling C Writer Game 1
Wrestling C Sound Engineer Stroll 1
Marathon C Default N/A N/A
F1 Racing A Coder Long Trip 2
Pinball C Writer Pinball 1
Slots C Writer Pinball 3
Dating A Designer Anime 3
Harbor A Coder Short Trip 1
Time Travel B Producer Meditate 1
Spy B Director Long Trip 1
Celebrity A Coder Concert 2
Space ? Designer Retreat (N/A) ?
Jumprope ? Coder Retreat (N/A) ?

Grid View[edit]

Coder Writer Designer Sound Engineer Director Producer Hacker Hardware Engineer
Stroll Chess (2)
Conv. Store (3)
High School
Train (2) Wrestling (1)
Bookstore (3)
Sumo (1)
Reading Mystery (1)
Fantasy (2)
Drums (1) Comics (1)
Movie Exploration (2) Movies (1)
Samurai (2)
Art (1) Martial Arts Comedy (1) Medieval (2)
Anime Movies
Romance (2)
Cartoon (3)
Cosplay (5)
Dating (3)
Time Travel
Checkers (1) Swimsuit (2)
Game Dungeon (2)
High School (3)
Game Co. (5)
Wrestling (1) Hunting (3)
Jogging Ping Pong (2)
Basketball (2)
Volleyball (2)
Snowboard (1) Skiing (1)
Pinball Virtual Pet (2)
Pinball (1)
Slots (3)
Horseshoes (2)
Meditate Ogre (2) Monster (1) Fitness
Time Travel (1)
Concert Celebrity (2) Dance (2)
Soccer (2)
Cutie (3)
Net Surf Horror
Lawyer (1)
Museum Airplane (1) Pop Star (1)
Town (2)
College Junior High (1) Fashion (2)
Lab Study Baseball (3)
Stocks (4)
Word (3) President (2)
Short Trip Harbor (1) Cowboy (1) Mini-skirt (5)
Long Trip F1 Racing (2) Architecture (1)
Spy (1)
Egypt (1) Poncho
Retreat (N/A) Space Jumprope

New Job Prequisites[edit]

Confirmed Required Levels:

Job Coder Writer Designer Snd Eng Producer Director Hardware Eng
Producer N/A N/A 5 5 N/A N/A N/A
Director 5 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hardware Eng N/A N/A N/A N/A 5 5 N/A
Hacker N/A N/A N/A N/A 5 5 5

Console Availability[edit]

The amount of each console on the market will increase slowly over time. The numbers shown here should be the initial number (as announced at the press conference).

Company Type Date Available Quantity Licencing Cost Dev Cost
PC Day 1 500K None 10
Nipon Microx SX Day 1 800K 200K 50
Senga Exodus Y1 M11 990K 400K 180
Intendro IES Y3 M2 1800K 800K 300
Intendro Game Kid Y3 M11 2690K 550K 250
Senga Play Gear Y5 M6 2100K 1050K 450
Nipon PCC-FQX Y6 M2 2300K 680K 300
Nipon NEONGEON Y7 M2 3030K 2200K 400
Microx Game Swan Y7 M6 3500K 4500K 550
Intendro Super IES Y7 M8 4000K 5000K 600
Intendro Virtual Kid Y8 M8 3000K 1800K 400
Sonny PlayStatus Y10 M6 6000K 10,000K 650
Nipon Playdion Y10 M8 3100K 15,000K 850
Senga Uranus Y10 M11 6500K 12,000K 650
Intendro Game-Box Y11 M2 8000K 25,000K 850
Sonny Mini Status Y12 M6 6140K 20,000K 950
Intendro Intendro DM Y16 M2 8500K 35,000K 1000
Sonny PlayStatus 2 Y17 M6 10,200K 40,000K 1000
Microx Microx 480 Y17 M9 8000K 50,000K 1200
Intendro Whoops Y18 M5 12,000K 80,000K 1600
Senga Harpo Drive Y19 M7 15,010K 90,000K 1300
Nipon Play Popo X Y19 M11 15,670k 99,999.9K 1500
Karoisoft Jupiter 512 Upon Achieving 3rd GOTY Award 18,000K 64,000 350
Karoisoft GameJohn Upon Achieving 5th GOTY Award 20,000K 64,000 350

Office 1 Amazing Combinations[edit]

Here is a list of the Amazing Combinations achievable using only the first office training methods and only using the 4 basic jobs.

Genre Requirement Type Requirement
Genre Type Job Level Job Level Training
Adventure Detective Default N/A  Writer 2 Reading
Adventure Cartoon Default N/A  Writer 3 Anime
Life Dating Designer 3 Designer 3 Anime
Life Game Co. Designer 3 Coder 5 Game
Life Wrestling Designer 3 Writer 1 Game
Puzzle Reversi Default N/A  Default N/A N/A
Puzzle Checkers Default N/A  Sound Engineer 1 Anime
RPG Fantasy Writer 5 Writer 2 Reading
Shooter Robot Writer 3 Default N/A N/A
Simulation Romance Coder 4 Writer 2 Reading
Simulation Train Coder 4 Designer 2 Stroll
Simulation Bookstore Coder 4 Sound Engineer 3 Stroll
Simulation Movies Coder 4 Writer 1 Movie
Simulation Game Co. Coder 4 Coder 5 Game
Simulation Cartoon Coder 4 Writer 3 Anime
Trivia Cosplay Default N/A  Writer 5 Anime

Amazing AA Popularity Combinations[edit]

Here is a list of the Amazing Combinations that are both A in popularity.

Genre Type
Action RPG Hunting
Motion Fitness
Online Sim Architecture
Online Sim Cutie
Online Sim Game Co.
Online Sim Virtual Pet
RPG Fantasy
Simulation Architecture
Simulation Bookstore
Simulation Cartoon
Simulation Comics
Simulation Cutie
Simulation F1 Racing
Simulation Game Co.
Simulation Movies
Simulation Romance
Simulation Town