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Box artwork for Ganbare! Golf Boys.
Box artwork for Ganbare! Golf Boys.
Ganbare! Golf Boys
Year released1989
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Ganbare! Golf Boys (がんばれ!ゴルフボーイズ? lit. Do your best! Golf Boys) is a golf game developed exclusively for the PC Engine by Dual and published in Japan by Masaya in 1989. It allows for up to four players to compete is a round of golf via the console's multi-tap peripheral. It did not receive a US localization.

The game has a permanent top-down view of each hole, zooming in whenever the player is on the green, and has the "hit the sweet spot" power gauge system standard to most golf simulators. It features a total of two courses, with eighteen holes each.

Ganbare! Golf Boys is notable for being the first project that prominent game musician Atsuhiro Motoyama ever worked on.

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