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You end up on an icy planet. Your ship is beyond repair. However GET CLAMP which lies near you. Explore a bit until a being will approach and summon you to its village.

Follow it and enter the village of the beings which you name 'Kords'. By noticing the child Kord, you notice that mature Kords can produce crystal object from their bodies. Notice that if you HIT FORK, the emitting sound will cause pain to the Kords, however this won't affect the scenario.

Enter the hut to the south with the ancient Kord which will show you a vision of a Heechee ship falling on the planet ages ago. You learn that Kords entered an icy maze around the crash site and discovered the ship, and even made a crystal model (copy) of it.

Exit the hut and go to the north which you will see some Kords around a scarce resource of food. To the east of the village is a museum of ice objects. GET SHIP, GET CUTTER, GET GEM, GET WORM, GET LAMPREY, GET BOWL. If you EXAMINE SHIP, it is an exact replica of the ancient Heechee ship. You learn its code which is 21122. To the south is a Kord artist. If you SHOW him the ice objects he will either tell you their history, or produce a crystal copy. So SHOW BOWL TO ARTIST, SHOW CUTTER TO ARTIST to have their sturdy crystal copies.

You notice that he is afraid of the gem. SHOW GEM TO ARTIST and he will tell you that a certain cave is illuminated by an evil red crystal; if a Kord touches it, the crystal will infect the Kord and it will be killed.

If you SHOW WORM TO ARTIST you will be told about a tentacled monster feeding on Kords, which however guards a valley from which the Kords gather food, using the stone-eating worms (Diggles). Notice also that they avoid the lampreys by producing crystal sounds.

Now leave the Kord village. The whole area is thus: To the north there is a network of caves. You can explore only up to a point because then it becomes totally dark. North to your crash site, there is a pool with a crystal tentacle monster. To the west, there is a cave maze leading to the ancient Heechee ship.

Maze to the Heechee ship; A shows the first screen of the maze, Z shows the pit.

  o o-o o-o o o-o-o-o
  | |   |  / \     \ 
  o o-o o-o o-o-o o-o
   \  | | |/  |\ \ \ 
  o o o-o o o-o o o o
  | |    /      | | |
  o o-o-o o o-o-o o o
  |   |  /      | | |
  o-o o o o-o-o o o o
  | |  \|  \  | |  \|
  o o-o-o o Z o o-o A-
  |  /  |\ \  |    /|
  o-o-o-o o o-o o-o o
   /| | |  \ / \  |\ 
o-o-o-o o-o o o o o o
|     |       | |   |
o-o   o-o o-o-o o o o
 /|    \ \| |/  |/  |
o o-o   o o o-o o o-o

In other words, the directions are: nw, n, n, nw, w, s, w, sw, sw, s, se, se, ne, n, n, w, w, se. Notice that once you reach the pit, you won't have to take the same route to and fro, the game will immediately take you to the exit once you leave the screen.

Near the pit, go DOWN; the ladder is broken so you have to find another way out of the pit. In the meantime you find a Heechee ship. OPEN PANEL in which you discover a clamp similar to the one you have. PUSH BLUE BUTTON and GET CORRODED CLAMP, DROP CORRODED CLAMP. BUT CLEAN CLAMP IN DRIVE, PUSH RED BUTTON. Now OPEN HATCH and enter the combination which was seen on the ship model (21122). You discover a dead Heechee, actually the first you ever meet. GET POD which he wears.

Now to get out of the pit, PUSH RED BUTTON, GET CLEAN CLAMP. If you experiment a bit, you will see that you can't hold together two turned-on clamps. So PUT CLEAN CLAMP ON CORRODED CLAMP, STEP ON CLEAN CLAMP, STEP ON RED BUTTON. The clamp begins to hover high enough so that you can exit the pit.

Now it is time to get rid of the tentacled monster. Go north to the cave entrances and go west or east to see the spikey ice formation you saw in the Kord vision earlier. Enter the cave by going north; unlike the other caves which go totally dark after a point, this one will be illuminated by a red light. Continue north until you find the vein of the red crystal, and the dead Kord seen in the vision. CUT DEAD KORD WITH CUTTER, GET DEAD KORD. Notice that if you visit the Kord village holding the red crystal, the parser will mention that the Kords are afraid of you.

Go to the pool of the tentacled monster and THROW DEAD KORD TO POOL. You will see that by touching the red crystal, the monster will also be affected and will be 'killed'. Now the Kords begin visiting the place and harvest their dust. Go up and north until you end up to an icy wall. BREAK ICE WITH CUTTER, and a diggle will come to open the path for you through the Heechee stone. Go inside and when you get outside a door, INSERT POD IN IMPRESSION. The door opens and you find an ancient Heechee base.

You are on an intersection. To the left is the storage room, it contains a robot but you don't need to go there; to the north is the hangar with a Heechee ship which you can enter, but the controls will be close; and to the right is a dark room. Go to the right and GET CONTROL MODULE, EXAMINE MODULE. You are now controlling a robot which can open doors. Push the button to open the door and go to the east until you come to the dark room. Push again the door button to open an previously unseen door. Exit the module and go north to the room with the generator. PUT HAND ON HANDPRINT and the base comes to life.

Go back to the previously-dark-room and watch the screen. Notice how the machine malfunctions because of the cracked crystal inside the shield. Notice also that each screen has a different color, and the gauge below which indicates a different number.

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue
  4. Orange
  5. Green
  6. Purple

Leave the room and go north to the hangar; now the ship controls will work but a flashing warning sign will tell you that ceiling is closed. EXAMINE MODULE and bring the robot with you. To the north there is a tunnel which you can't enter, however the robot can. Go to the north and at the controls, activate the claw button. Exit the module and you will see that the ceiling has opened, and lampreys fly inside the base. The lampreys flying in the cockpit won't let you approach the controls. Go to the machine below the ship and HIT FORK. The crystal will crack and the screaming sound will drive them away.

Go to the ship and again EXAMINE module. Send the robot to the south and to the east, in the previously dark room with the flashing screen. The robot sees no colors however noticing the gauge under the screen which tells you the correct color. For example, if the gauge is in position one, exit the module and PUSH RED BUTTON.

The ship ignites and leaves the planet, transporting you to a Black Hole where the Heechee have retreated.