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Your main objective this time around is to bring three chalices to "the ship room." The ship room is near the end of the maze and is identified by the large ship in the background.


From the beginning, climb down the ladder until you see the purple enemy and the snake jar. If you have magic axes, then pick off the enemies until its safe to drop down. If you take out both the purple guy and the snake jar, you can drop down when the little snakes are patrolling, shoot them from behind, then climb back up until they pass you again (if need be, just sit there and shoot them from the ladder).

When clear, grab the Weapon Arc - Intense power-up and the gems, then head to the right. Do not fall down this pit! There's a treasure key inside, but you can get it safely later. Leap across the gap and grab onto the ladder. Climb up a little ways and kill the purple enemy standing on the hint power-up (it tells you about the chalices and the ship room). Jump back onto the ladder, and jump to the right one. There will be a purple enemy on the platform to your right, and a new enemy will spawn where the hint power-up was. Kill both, walk to the right to get the first gold chalice. Watch out, there will be two silver enemies to the right, and when you touch the chalice, two more will appear to your left.

Walk back to the left edge and hit the switch there to destroy the two traps below you. Climb down the ladders and jump to the right (where it should be safe now). Jump to the right and grab the hint power-up (it says, "the chalices reveal a key"). If you walk to the right edge of this platform, a silver enemy will appear to your left. If you kill him, he'll drop a medium health power-up.

Climb down the ladder in the middle of the two platforms. When you see the switch next to the traps, get close to the trap platform and shoot over them to kill the silver enemy over there. Hit the switch to destroy the traps, then walk over to where you killed the silver enemy. Another one will appear where the traps were, so be careful! Grab the Room Key, then prepare for an aerial enemy from the top left. When you jump on the platform that the traps were on, it will come down and swoop at you. The safest spot to stand is to the right of the platform, so make a run for it then turn and fight.

If you climb down the ladder you'll notice a locked door (it can only be opened from the right side). When you climb back to the top, there will be a new silver enemy on the right. You need to continue to the right, but be careful! If you drop down you'll trigger an enemy to spawn right below you (you'll take significant damage from touching him), so instead you should leap as far as you can and grab the ladder that's on the other side.

Climb to the top, then turn and shoot because four bird enemies will come flying in fast.