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You might be confused. The N64 version has the level called "Statue" meaning you'll be traversing through the Statue Park. "Memorial" is pretty much the same but more in a graveyard area with the respect of the dead around them. Your goal is ultimately confront Janus... with a surprise at the end.

Silent and Deadly[edit]

From this point, you can choose to be stealthy or go out with guns blazing. The notable locations is cars, sewers and a small building on the first section. Also for the first time: snipers. You can easily spot them with a red laser if they're pointing at you. Lastly, don't forget to look out for security cameras.

Turret Syndrome[edit]

If you reached a heavily guarded building, your on the right track. Take out the two snipers first and keep your distance from any guards and the turret. If you reach behind the turret, hack it and it will be on your side. Go in and lock the door and take a photo, close to the computer with the flight data. Apparently, Natalya has been captured and won't be seen until the finale.

Tunnel of Danger[edit]

No time to be stealthy. Shoot your way through the area into the tunnel. Put on your nightvision and continue on that path. It can be lengthy to explore but you'll eventually get out. So as soon as you reach the circular tunnel, take off your nightvision and crawl your way to the light.

Helicopter Escape[edit]

Surprise, surprise! Janus is actually Alec Trevalyan, former 006. After the cutscene, you get hit by a tranquilizer dart. You wake up in the helicopter with the missile aiming at you. So how do you get out of this mess? Simple. Look left for the button and hit it. As a nod to the movie, you escape certain death. Before you ask? No. There's no Mishkin taking you in for questioning because the order of levels has changed for this game.