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Golgo 13 map Act 9.png Legend:
  1. Helicopter

Skull: Ambush

Enemy base[edit]

Watch out for the powerful, but stationary tanks

This act takes place along the exterior an enemy base. It is divided into four sections, each getting progressively harder, and containing one ambush. The first and easiest section contains nothing but mines until you reach the ambush point. The ambush will contain three helicopters and two new types of enemies; a tank and a rocket launcher. Though they look different, they are fundamentally the same. The remain stationary on the ground as large easy targets, and take a number of shots to destroy. Take them out first before going after the faster helicopters. Note that the helicopters can now damage you simply by first appearing on the screen, so keep your health up.

After surviving the first ambush, you will begin the second section. This one will contain bazooka guerrillas. Their alternate color does not signify any difference in strength. The ambush at the end is similar to the previous one, except there are two rocket launchers and no tanks. Complete this ambush to reach the third section.

These familiar enemies will appear outdoors

The third section will remind you a little of the interiors that you've battled through. It contains heat seeking missiles that appear from out of the sky, and officers on floating platforms. Make your way to the end of this section for the third ambush, which contains one tank and five helicopters.

Eve gets her revenge, but it's too late

The fourth and final section continues the use of interior base enemies, including laser defense systems, which you are advised to simply leap over and ignore. The ambush will occur in the middle of this section, and contain two tanks and five helicopters. When you survive the ambush, you will still have two officers on floating platforms to deal with.

Upon reaching the end of the fourth section, the leader of Drek will appear and congratulate you on making it this far... before suddenly getting shot down. It is Eve who murders the leader. She explains her motives to the dead leader before telling you that there's a copter waiting for you. She starts to explain that the Drek headquarters are on Alexander Island before getting shot as well. After she dies, the small mob boss appears and explains that the base will blow up in six minutes. Naturally, Golgo 13 escapes.

Helicopter flight[edit]

Fly at night through this long section

Aboard the helicopter, Golgo 13 must fly to Alexander Island in the Antarctic. This begins a horizontal side scrolling section as you fly the helicopter. There is nothing new in this section. Jets, bombers, air mines, and the occasional missile firing submarine all try to stop you as you advance. In the middle, you will be ambushed by three jets, two helicopters, and one submarine. Even the jets pick up their pace in this ambush, so try to take them out as quickly as you can. After the ambush, you still have another stretch of flying to go until you reach Alexander Island.

Alexander Island[edit]

Take out the oddly colored female assassins

Once on the island, you must track down the fake Golgo 13 that was used to frame you. The island is primarily guarded by bazooka guerrillas. After four of them, you will encounter a strangely colored female assassin. Then an ambush will occur. This one contains four jets, three helicopters, and one submarine. Survive the ambush, and you will have to face a few more female assassins before finding another bazooka guerrilla. After him, you'll see three ordinary enemy agents and two more guerrillas. Reach the end and you'll access Act 11.