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Martinez needs you to do pick up a package. After the cutscene, get on the bike and go to the destination at the airport. The destination is shown on the radar which you follow. When the boat is attacked, jump off and swim to the shore. Then go back the base and find your barracks to finish the mission. Reward for passing: $50.

Cleaning House[edit]

Get to the Vice City Docks and meet Phil Cassidy. Go to Phil's Apartment and kill the Cholos Gang Members. Then go to the blue marker to get inside the Apartment. Kill the Cholos inside. Then head back to Fort Baxter to complete the mission. Reward for passing: $100.

Conduct Unbecoming[edit]

Martinez wants you to pick up his favorite hooker so first go down to Phil's apartment. Get into the Stinger that Phil gave you and head down to Vice Port. You find a girl who know where Mary is. Take the girl to Starfish Island and kill the two men. Get into the Stinger and take Mary to Fort Baxter. Then you find out Martinez set you up and get a Dishonorable Discharge from the army. Head down to Phil's apartment. Reward for passing: A Safehouse.

Cholo Victory[edit]

Phil is going to find some Cholos and perform a Drive-By. First get down to the Police Station. Then down to the Hospital. Then a Cholo gets into his car and drives away. Drive close to him and stay close so that Phil can perform a Drive-By. If you have a Sub-Machine gun than drive next to him and hold 'L' or 'R' and shoot the car. When he is dead go to the Pay 'n' Spray. Carefully drive back to Phil's place down at the docks. Reward for passing: $200.

Boomshine Blowout[edit]

Get in Phil's truck and get down to the warehouse in Little Havana. You find out that the Cholos booby-trapped the place. Get in the forklift and lift the boomshine with it then put it in Phil's truck. Each time you put it in Phil's truck, more of the warehouse explodes and you have to find different routes to the boomshine. Try to keep the boomshine out of the fire or the warehouse will explode. Reward for passing: $250

Truck Stop[edit]

Martinez sends you and Phil to go pick up some guns. Drive down to a hotel for back up first. Then go and find the truck. Once you found it stay close to it so your gang can kill the men on the truck. Phil gets in the truck and then you have to follow him so nobody tries to shoot the truck. If you have a Sub-Machine gun then shoot anyone who does. Follow Phil all the way to his place at the Vice City Docks to pass the mission. Reward for passing: $300


In this mission you are introduced to Marty Jay Williams and Phil's Sister, Louise Cassidy-Williams. Marty runs a protection racket and wants you to do some work with him. First drive down to the shop in Little Havana. Kill the 2 Cholos outside the shop and then go inside the shop. Kill the Cholos inside and once that's done drive to the Cholos' store. When your inside smash up the things inside then kill the Cholos Gang Members who are protecting the store. Once this is done the mission is passed. Reward for passing: $500.

Fear The Repo[edit]

Marty has some more work for you to do. Get in Marty's truck and the go to the lockup. Go and steal the car first and then take it back to Marty's lockup. Try not to ruin the car or you'll need to take a visit to the Pay'n'Spray. When your back at the lockup go and drive a different vehicle to steal the second car. This car is different form the first because its driving so to steal the car, block it's path first and then steal it. Although try and be quick or the car will drive away. If this happens you cant block its path any more because it will drive away immediately. If this happens guess its path further ahead and try getting in the car as early as you can. Another method is to keep driving into the car and push it into another path. Most likely the car will get stuck or drive much slower and you can steal it. After you steal the car take it back to Marty's lockup. Like before try not to smash it up. Get a new vehicle yet again and go steal the delivery van. Kill the two guys first though. Then go to the lockup. There are TVs and stuff in the van so if you smash it up more will fall out. If too much does then you'll fail the mission. Doing this completes the mission. Reward for passing: $500.

Waking up the Neighbors[edit]

The Cholos are starting competition against Marty's business. Remember you have a time limit so hurry up. Get in Marty's Bobcat then go to the first van in Little Havana then throw grenades at the van. Don't mind the Cholos shooting at you unless you have low health. Get to the second van also in Little Havana. Throw the grenades again. The third van is in Little Haiti so get there quickly. Do the same as before and once the van is destroyed you pass the mission. Reward for passing: $500.