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Green Beret is a linear side scrolling action game. Each stage is played in order, and the player must complete them by proceeding from the beginning to the end by running all the way to the right. The arcade game and any conversion based upon it contains four stages, with the goal to rescue the POWs held prisoner at the end of the fourth stage. The NES conversion uniquely contains six stages, four of which are extremely similar, although not exactly identical, to the original four stages in the arcade. The two new stages are inserted on the second and final levels. Refer to the following chart to determine which pages of the walkthrough apply to the version you are interested in:

Level Arcade stage NES stage
Missile base Stage 1 Stage 1
Airport - Stage 2
Harbor Stage 2 Stage 3
Bridge at airshed Stage 3 Stage 4
Warehouse Final Stage Stage 5
Enemy base - Final Stage

FDS Differences[edit]

Entrance revealed.
In the tunnel.

Although the Japanese Famicom Disk System version is roughly the same as NES version, there are a few differences.

  • As per FDS standard, there is loading time between stages. You will need to switch to side B before title screen, and back to side A before Final Stage.
  • Each special weapon only adds one use to your arsenal. On the other hand, there are more supply runners, and you can carry your weapon to next stage.
  • In stages 2, 4 and 5, after destroying some of the landmines, a few ladders will be revealed, and using them will cause you to enter a tunnel area. In the tunnel, you will encounter all standard enemies as well as supply runners and landmines. In order to escape to ground level, you must use one of the ladders in the upper floor. Each exit ladder leads you to a random location of same stage.