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There are 4 types of animals in the world of Hero of Leaf Valley, namely dogs, horses, chickens and cows.


Stray dog.

You don't get the dog right here, you have to put it down food in the bowl in front of your house to feed the stray dogs.
After about 3 weeks (if you feed it every day) you can catch any stray dog you want.
There are two types of dogs, namely red bands and blue bands with erect ears.
After getting a dog, you have to keep feeding the dog every day. You can also make a doghouse with 10 lumber and gold in woody to protect your dog from the rain. If you don't have a cage, just put it in the house if it rains.
Keep feeding it every day by putting food in its bowl and don't forget to pick it up so the dog likes you even more. Good food such as eggs or milk will speed up the addition of his liver or an indicator that your dog likes you and is more obedient to you.
After your dog has at least 1 heart, you can train it using Ocarina which you can buy at 'Louis shop'.
Use the Ocarina in front of your dog by pressing and holding the square button then entering the command.

Commands to play on your Ocarina[edit]

Commands 1st Button 2nd Button 3rd Button
Sit (31+ FP) Up Left Down
Stay (31+ FP) Up Down Down
Come (51+ FP) Left Right Right
Search (71+ FP) Down Left Up
Pursue (71+ FP) Right Left Right
Jump (96+ FP) Left Up Right
Beg (126+ FP) Down Up Up